Product design process 🦄 #80

This week, I've been trying to discover how to improve our product design process for a design agency
Product design process 🦄 #80
By Ross Chapman • Issue #80
This week, I’ve been trying to discover how to improve our product design process for a design agency like ours.
I’ve read some fantastic insights from Berlin-based agency AJ&Smart, where they note that structure and discipline = freedom in creative problem solving
I’ve found frameworks useful not just to produce better results faster, but to explain to our partners what we’re creating together and ultimately - when.
Thank you for support this issue (80th!),
- Ross

Digital product design 👨‍💻
Building a 7-Figure Design Agency: The Resources I Used
I’m loving so much of what AJ&Smart are sharing recently. Here, Jonathan Courtney shares what he’s done to help build a 7-figure design agency. Too good not to share!
Typography as Base: From the Content Out, by Francisco Baila of Subvisual
This week has really shown me how content design needs to come first. Francisco Baila takes this to a granular level, starting with typography.
How I Use the Core Model to Create Better Web Content
The core model a thinking tool that helps you find the reason you are
creating web content: to meet user needs while helping achieve business
I love finding ways of doing things. This one is one to consider.
User research 🙋
6 steps to delivering a first class Live Chat user experience
Implementing Live Chat? Do it right and people will use it. Jenny Lewis shares her insights on how to make live chat a fantastic business opportunity.
Psych'd: A new user psychology framework for increasing funnel conversion
Saw this and totally got it! A bit like the experience maps I’ve seen, Darius Contractor (currently growth engineer at Dropbox) has formulated the Psych Framework, which maps the experience of a user. TL:DR: Every element on the page adds or subtracts emotional energy and inspiring users is as important as reducing friction. Awesome!
A practitioner’s guide to running successful ethnographic research with clients present
Ethnography is an incredibly useful research method. Tom Knoll from Spotless shares a guide of how to run your first ethnographic research studies.
Cycling 🚴
Let's Ride Photos
Had a fantastic time last Sunday riding around the closed roads of Southampton with my children on the #familytandem. SO CHILL!
Revealed: The £25million scheme to transform cycling in Southampton
Council leaders have announced a £25 million ‘cycling strategy’ for Southampton. Most of the money will go towards improving cycling infrastructure and will include the introduction of ‘cycling freeways,’ with the aim of enabling cyclists to get from one side of the city to the other via a continuous route.
Coolness 😎
8 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success
One designer’s take on how to fail to succeed. 
Yoox Net-a-Porter looks to the future of AI and mobile commerce with new tech hub in London
Watch the video to learn more. Every employee at the company is being given an iPhone equipped with new apps designed in collaboration with Apple and IBM in a bid to enable them to think not only mobile-first, but eventually mobile-only. Fantastic idea!
Here’s What You Need For Your Business to Succeed
Keval Baxi, Codal’s CEO was recently interviewed by BizCastHQ on what it takes to run a successful business. Keval shares what he thinks a company should spend most of their time on in order to grow rapidly. 
Here's to iterating our processes as well as products!
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