Play the long game 🎲 Issue #64

"Play the long game ... Treat people with the intent of having a relationship forever" @GaryVeeI beli
Play the long game 🎲 Issue #64
By Ross Chapman • Issue #64
“Play the long game … Treat people with the intent of having a relationship forever” @GaryVee
I believe in giving life-long value and paying-it-forward. Running away from a project is rarely beneficial to anyone involved. Working long-term provides better opportunity to build, measure and learn. Sprints are fast, but design strategy takes time.
I hope these 64 issues are providing life-long value too!
- Ross
p.s. Sorry this issue is long-overdue!

UX design 🙋
Designing in a Polluted City
9 in 10 people globally are breathing bad quality air. It’s grim – but it’s also a design challenge.
Don’t wait for policy makers to figure it out. Creating a better human experience by tackling air pollution with sustainable and scalable solutions in public transport and supply chains will make the difference.  •  Share
Building a Visual Language : Airbnb Design
Building a visual language is hard! Designing something that can be adaptable over time, but one that has presence is a challenge. Airbnb are winning in this category.
How to Look Before You Leap: A guide to mapping assumptions for product development teams
Precoil CEO David Bland shares his insights on how mapping assumptions can lead to the development of better products. Who doesn’t want to make a better product?!
eCommerce 💳
Lookbooks: How to Use High-Quality Lifestyle Photography to Boost Sale
You’re not just selling a product. You’re selling a lifestyle. If you sell any kind of aspirational lifestyle product, those words probably ring true. Cycling clothing house Vulpine has a pretty nice one for its Spring/Summer collection part one!
How a Facebook designer overcame imposter syndrome
Imposter syndrome can be crushing. But this Facebook Product Designer beat it. “Trust yourself and take responsibility for your own success.”
The MVP is dead; long live the MVP
 Timing the switch from “minimum viable” to “maximum value”. An interesting look at how to deliver maximum value to help create products that have endemic quality. As Hugo describes, “it’s hard to apply polish to a moving target.”
Cycling 🚴
The Most Subversive Way to Travel
On roads dominated by heavy traffic, the cyclist quickly learns what it is to feel a minority, vulnerable, and structurally and systematically discriminated against.
A deeper look into cycling in the context of culture and politics.
Vulpine in Sevilla
The hotly anticipated first part of the Spring/Summer Collection from Vulpine. Founder Nick was also on the BBC this morning - mad props!
Berliner Fahrradschau
I’m not going to the Berliner Fahrradschau this year, the independent and authentic hotspot of bicycle culture. However, if you are, check out My Wild Love (plus their Sale ends today!).
Coolness 😎
Star Wars Han Solo cast revealed in first photo
Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich and more revealed by Lucasfilm in its first look at the major Star Wars characters in Young Han Solo. EXCITING!
Five places for creatives to find design inspiration in Berlin
If you do get to the cycle show, check out Berlin.
How the Like Button Took Over the Internet
The Like button is the most ubiquitous symbol of the social media age. Its creators look back at the power — and the problems — they unleashed.
The introduction of the Like button was done to solve a problem, but it ended up creating new ones.
Play the game to stay in the game (long-term)!
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