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My strategy is to just DO 🔥 #139

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hey everyone,
It’s been a number of weeks with my head down, getting work done, but what do I have to show for it?
A couple of design sprints. A podcast episode. Likely £22,000 of revenue. A number of weeks of learning.
But do you know what? I think I’ve been doing it wrong.
I’ve felt exhausted for a number of weeks by purely putting me as the mechanism for growth and delivery. Growth = fine. Delivery = not sustainable.
The great thing is, I’ve done 43 Design Sprints. What does that mean? I can critique someone else doing it.
And you might’ve seen that I’m interested in this Remote thing. Why? Well, after reading Blue Ocean Strategy (incredible book), I found that doing the same as other people doesn’t make a lot of sense. Plus, with a number of remote companies succeeding and legacy-riddled businesses needing to cut costs, it seems like the perfect opportunity to create my response: the Remote Design Sprint.
Anyway, back to the subject of this email.
I find that I spend a lot of time strategising and planning. Whether that’s in my notebook, or arranging priorities in Trello.
Thing is, they are still forms of procrastination. While it feels like you’re getting somewhere, they are getting in the way of you just executing. Go out and DO.
Love to know what you think of that and I appreciate your attention,
thanks, Ross

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Here's to less planning and more DOING!
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