More workshops, less meetings ✏️ #85

This week, we met with a new client who works in the events sector and ran a requirements gathering w
More workshops, less meetings ✏️ #85
By Ross Chapman • Issue #85
This week, we met with a new client who works in the events sector and ran a requirements gathering workshop with them.
These are workshops not meetings, so instead of discussing about what we could do, we went ahead and just started work on creating solutions to small jobs, using the Jobs to be done technique.
It was also my first time at Etch London, and having neighbours such as Mint and IDEO, as well as all the food options on Leather Lane, I’m loving working for a company that lets me do more of what I love.
As ever, thanks for supporting this issue,
- Ross
p.s. We’re totally hiring right now for developers, designers and marketing folk.

Etch on Instagram: “Jobs to be done workshop in full swing with some awesome folks 🤘 #jtbd”
10 Likes, 1 Comments - Etch (@etchuk) on Instagram: “Jobs to be done workshop in full swing with some awesome folks 🤘 #jtbd”
Digital product design 👨‍💻
The Heartbeat of Product by Nate Walkingshaw
Nate Walkingshaw is the Chief Experience Officer for Pluralsight, but he started his career as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) at $7.14 an hour, and in this heartfelt talk from Mind the Product San Francisco 2017 he shares how his emergency medical experience and training set him up for success in building products and companies – and what we can learn from it too. 
Fantastic insight into how Nate’s background helps his design process. 
Inventing with jobs to be done with Jillian Wells at UX Brighton
I used bits of Jillian’s technique yesterday. It’s important not to wrap yourself in knots about following a rigid technique. Watch the video from her talk at UX Brighton.
Creating and Maintaining the Marvel Style Guide in Sketch
Using Sketch and need a style guide you’re actually going to use? Follow this my friend.
User research 🙋
A guide to everyday design ethics
Designers, do you know what your ethical lines are? Explore the dark side of design with Intuit’s Jonathan Shariat.
Do you think about ergonomics when designing for users? Probably not. Jonathan Shariat shares his expertise on learning the physical and emotional effects of design.
The Golden Age of UX is Over
Users don’t blame themselves anymore when they get stuck, they blame your company. Companies have gotten better and better at delivering great user experiences and no longer need to be convinced of its value.
It is easier to do good-enough UX now, states Jonathan Courtney and warns that the golden age of UX is over. Compelling argument and only more reason to do the best work of your life creating appropriate experiences for people.
Fuzzy Math shares their tips for user-friendly usability testing, suggesting Calendly - a tool I use to book participants in for tests. Good tips here.
Cycling (Transcontinental edition!) 🚵
Transcontinental Kit List
The Transcontinental Race starts today. See what Grace Lambert-Smith is taking on her merry voyage into the most demanding of races. One day…
TCRNo5: Race for Mike
It’s incredible that this race is going ahead. Apidura interviews Anna Haslock to establish why this year’s edition of Transcontinental Race is so special, and to meet the dedicated and experienced team of people that have put the race
Introducing the Cuore and Foresta lines
Endless is a brand I’ve followed for a while. Not only are their designs awesome, but their approach to kit is one I can totally get on board with - all unisex. Read the story of their new kit releases.
Coolness 😎
IDEO · The Future of Automobility
Shout-out to neighbours IDEO! Here, they talk about the future of Automobility. Interesting to see what the UK make of transport infrastructure improvements in the coming years. Will they make space for cycling?
Tips For Tackling 6 Big Challenges Of Remote Work
Remote work offers incredible opportunities but it also has a unique set of challenges. Trello offer these tips for solving remote work problems.
Sportswear Brands Should Use Athletes—Not Models—in Their Ads
Female athletes deserve the same respect for their athletic abilities as is afforded male athletes. 
Moving to more authentic role models makes sense to me!
Here's to more work, less talking about work
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