It's not colour. It's contrast 🌓 Issue #65

I had a conversation with my team on Wednesday and we were talking about design. The conversation got
It's not colour. It's contrast 🌓 Issue #65
By Ross Chapman • Issue #65
I had a conversation with my team on Wednesday and we were talking about design. The conversation got to a point where we were talking about what colour to use for a new service we’re designing, to make it noticeable. I took a step back to try and understand what we were actually achieving.
The problem with delivering projects in isolation, is that you rarely get a sense of where it fits in the larger eco-system. Looking at colour, people see colour in different ways.
So the question isn’t around colour, it’s around contrast. How does this work with everything else? Do we have to change other things for this service to work? Certainly worth consideration.
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UX design 🙋

Practicing Empathy in Product Design
Empathy is a buzzword in the tech industry. Although it’s important to work to understand the needs of the humans using our products, sometimes it seems like we talk about empathy more than we actually do it.
Understanding empathy and the part it plays in design is key to delivering user-centric design. A lot of it has to do with the tone and copy choices you make.
Where has the creativity gone in web (and UX) design?
Does using a design manual take creativity away? Is creativity important for usability? Standards should be made and updated, but they should be creative in their approach. For more inspiration, check out last issue’s inclusion of Airbnb’s visual language.
Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer
Low contrast is bad for usability. The key takeaway: Accessibility is severely reduced for users with low vision or cognitive impairments.
eCommerce 💳
A Guide to Color, UX, and Conversion Rates
You can use color to impact users’ emotions, draw their attention, and put them in the right frame of mind to make a purchase. It’s also one of the main factors in customers’ perception of a brand.
True, but don’t forget about contrast as well as finding different ways for your business to improve conversion. Making all the buttons green won’t get you there alone.
In Plain Sight
This is the first post in a series on accessibility from Shopify UX’s team. Great to see as I help set standards on our projects as well.
InternetRetailing Expo 2017
An event to put in the diary in Birmingham, UK. Good to quiz payment providers on the best user experience available, especially on mobile.
Cycling 🚴
The ROI of Hiring a Creative Agency to Build Your Brand Identity
A mix of eCommerce and cycling! Right on! In this Shopify Podcast, Oliver Cousins of Maap, premium cycling apparel company in Australia shares the reasons why they invested heavily into their brand identity by working with a creative agency very early on. Also check out
Top 10 Reasons to visit Berlin Bicycle Week
At the Berlin Bicycle Week you can see the full run down of races, shows, rides and special events. It can be overwhelming, even for locals! 
Jon Woodroof shares his top 10 reasons to come to Berlin this weekend (but do checkout Vulpine and My Wild Love!).
Coolness 😎
Peak practice: walking in Snowdonia
My family and I are hoping to get to Snowdonia soon - the kids would love the train up Snowdon. May involve our first camper van trip too!
White boy asks for same haircut as black friend 'to confuse his pre-school teacher'
Sometimes life’s lessons come from those with the least experience. Love this story!
Universal Basic Income and a 15-hour work week is the key to happiness
UBI is achievable says Rutger Bregman, author of Dutch bestseller Utopia for Realists. Could you work with a 15 hour week?
Here's to having the right conversations!
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