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It's been done before 🤪 #176

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hey everybody,
Sharing something that came on my LinkedIn feed today:
“If you want to be successful and make some money, copy what works. But if you want to have a phenomenally successfully company, you have to do something original.”
Whatever appears new, has more often than not been done before. Why then do people not open Google every time they want to do something “new” I wonder?
In the workshops that I facilitate, I often find teams think they’ve created something new, or in some cases, created something where all the odds are against them. 3 years ago, nearly every design sprint team suggested creating a social network, a chat bot or a personalised dashboard. All fine ideas, but they didn’t consider something I’m obsessed with: No-code frameworks.
It’s now utterly possible to prototype something “new” by borrowing a no-code platform, whether that’s a voice app, website or dashboard. Just add “Search Product Hunt” in your workflow!
And for something phenomenally successful, do something more original. It’s for the few and to get started, take this tip: Listen to customers and make immediate changes!
Thanks for your attention reading this issue,
thanks, Ross
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Here's to borrowing and finding originality this week!
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