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It is a Good Day to Have a Good Day! ☀️ #169

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
This week’s newsletter theme is inspired by a LinkedIn post shared by Linsey Eatough, Associate Director, Enterprise Transformation at MURAL. In the post, she shares some of her recommendations when embarking on the path for transformation:
1) Start transforming yourself at Thanksgiving, not at New Years! That way once New Years rolls around, you’re already feeling great
2) Every day is a reset. Every day is an opportunity to change something or try something new.
3) A great way to make your remote team feel more connected is to set a weekly intention as a group on Monday morning stand-ups
I really like these! I also found these sure-fire ways to make today your best day ever:
  1. Be present. 
  2. Do less.
  3. Get one important thing done.
  4. Plan your perfect life.
  5. Declutter.
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Focus on 3 projects. 
  8. Listen to great music.
  9. Watch a sunrise or sunset. 
  10. Spend time with a loved one
How could you make today a great day? As ever, thank you for reading this issue,
Note: I’ll try and get the weekly cadence of getting these issues out back - promise!

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Here's to making today a great day!
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Ross Chapman
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