Issue #70 🎯 Staying on target

I set targets in my work and even my personal life. What they do is ensure that I have a long-term pl
Issue #70 🎯 Staying on target
By Ross Chapman • Issue #70
I set targets in my work and even my personal life. What they do is ensure that I have a long-term plan and help me make decisions along the way. 
Hitting issue 70, I’ve been surprised that I’ve been able to deliver and delight nearly 200 readers for so many weeks.  Are the recent issues delighting or are they adding to the noise? Please let me know!
- Ross

UX design 🙋
Six things a children’s story can teach us about people and design.
Designing for expectations is as important as innovating. Eleana Gkogka takes a creative look into the relationship between people and design.
SaaS UX Bible: 7 Must-Have User Experience Principles From The Experts At InVision
How do you create an awesome user experience for your SaaS customers? The experts at InVision reveal their 7 must have principles for great SaaS UX.
Example content strategy
This is an example of a content strategy from Sarah Richards. The theory is that “if you give a good content strategy, brand guidelines and style guide to your content designer, you should be able to leave them alone to create really great content.” Bring it on!
eCommerce 💳
How we reversed a $300K/mo burn and hit profitability without laying off a single employee.
The recent demise of Nasty Gal showcases the difficulty of reaching profitability especially when the startup landscape incentivises capital inefficiency.  •  Share
Designing at leverage points
Designers are tasked with building and changing unbelievably complex systems. Breaking down tasks, communication and solving the problem is vital. 
Send automated NPS surveys to your Stripe customers
I find that retailers ask for NPS at the wrong times or not enough. Here, you can effortlessly send NPS surveys to your Stripe customers to capture actionable feedback.
Cycling 🚴
Mark Beaumont reveals plans to ride around world in 80 days
I had the pleasure of joining a ride with Mark Beaumont last week with 20 riders from Wiggle as he starts his round the world record attempt.  •  Share
JustGiving appeal pays tribute to British cyclist Mike Hall
A JustGiving page has been set up to help support the family of ultra-cyclist Mike Hall following his death today during in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. It’s raised £77,000 so far - fantastic effort!
Ask the Trade: How big will click & collect become for the independent bike shop?
In an age where the vast majority of transactions are at the very least researched online prior to purchase, how vital might click & collect be for the independent bike retailer?
Coolness 😎
IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy
Less than a year into her tenure as IBM’s chief marketing officer, Michelle Peluso prepared to make an announcement that she knew would excite some of her 5,500 new employees, but also, inevitably, inspire resignation notices from others. 
It didn’t work too well for Yahoo! It must come from a place of control. Work isn’t where you go, it’s what you do.  •  Share
HSBC adds new transgender titles including M and Misc
Instead of Mr, Mrs, Ms or Mx, customers can choose from nine titles including “M” and “Misc”, the banking giant says. A good step!
Coupland warns that the work routine as we know it is coming to an end: ‘There will be no more weekends.’  He continues:
The future will not have the nine till five. Instead, the whole day will be interspersed with other parts of your life. Scheduling will become freeform.”
The Victorians worked a 12 hour day. Coupland makes the point that in the future, people will look back and laugh at our belief in a 8 hour day.
Here's to staying on target to get what you need!
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