Issue #7

Late, but great. I've been taking time out this Christmas period to spend time with the family, think
Issue #7
By Ross Chapman • Issue #7
Late, but great. I’ve been taking time out this Christmas period to spend time with the family, think about the fundamentals and also sort out all those things that never get done. 
Here’s a slimmed down version before we get back to normal service next week!
Happy New Year!

UX Design
I’m looking forward to designing for wearables in 2016. Here’s a good primer for what to consider when making that first app.
“It turns out that my previous experience of selling the stuff has blended very well with my new skills when it comes to presenting designs, seeing the big picture, seeing multiple pictures, getting the best out of a team and of course, Getting Shit Done.” Katie Valentine talks about moving from Sales to UX. Great account.
User Research
It’s easy to shift the blame on the users and resent them for their inability to accept new ideas; it’s much harder to listen intently and see from their point of view. There is no one type of user.
Productivity and Mindset
I’m so into this right now. As Albert Einstein famously said, “If you cant explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Let’s talk simply and not hide behind big words to bullshit people.  
There’s a lot of “year in reviews” going around the web right now. Tobias is a guy who I’ve known of for a while, but am only now really getting into his content. His Year of Change shows how his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leave a secure job at Spotify, start a few projects of his own and to Get Out There ™.
I only achieved 70km of my #festive500 cycling challenge (to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year), chosing Family Time over Ride Time. ‘Dammer Jon Woodroof and Olaf Wit went all out and did 500km in one go. Serious bike goals there!
Thanks for reading!
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