Issue #6

A slimmer version this week (as it's been a bit busy with work!) and a slightly tweaked format, but h
Issue #6
By Ross Chapman • Issue #6
A slimmer version this week (as it’s been a bit busy with work!) and a slightly tweaked format, but hopefully you’ll get value from my pick of the best bits of design, business and coolness from the web. 
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Dude at bought 125 videos, sent 5 each to senior staff and the company changed their culture from pleasing HiPPOs (High Paid Person’s Opinion) to the needs of customers. MUST READ!
Designing Twitter Video
Paul Stamatiou shares how Twitter created Twitter Video. I think this is an example to all on how to do a case study. Show what worked. Show what didn’t work. Just share.
How to Design a Billion Dollar Company
Airbnb don’t own any hotels. Uber don’t own any cars. Patrick J. Stewart talks about how design fits into a multisided business model and a theme that I’m following quite closely at the moment - design-led companies.
Startups and Business
“Spend time with your clients and take them out for a coffee and a chat. It doesn’t have to be about sales and targets but those conversations are vital to a lasting partnership with them and normally lead to amazing reviews and referrals.”
I met Emily Wilkinson in her previous role at a local marketing agency. Now, after 18 months, she shares her experience of running her own. Everyone’s journey is different and I love hearing how people are approaching the challenges of starting a company and the values they work to from Day 1.
“You can’t always predict what the customer journey is,” Woolsey says. “From a customer experience standpoint, it doesn’t work if you do three or four things right but get one thing wrong.”
I had to include a Star Wars story! French sculptor Alain Bellino is someone who loves to source discarded metal objects. Here, he’s taken to creating metalwork inspired by a galaxy far, far way. May the forge be with you…
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