Issue #56: How to do UX design

I met Thomas Barber of Svelte London on Wednesday (after a freezing 6 hour ride from Southampton). Ov
Issue #56: How to do UX design
By Ross Chapman • Issue #56
I met Thomas Barber of Svelte London on Wednesday (after a freezing 6 hour ride from Southampton). Over a coffee, he asked me “what is UX design?” 
I explained that I believe we’re living in a world where marketing is moving from persuasive to usable design (great article here about it) and that businesses need to knuckle down and create great experiences. That will give them the best possible chance to succeed.
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UX design
A talk I gave at Frontier Conference
A talk I gave at Frontier Conference
Here’s my talk from Frontier Conference last month where I talked about my experience delivering the practical side of user experience. How do you get designers and developers to work towards a user experience strategy in a growing business? And ultimately, how do you get the business to think about users first? I share the tools and methods of educating in-house teams and a few hacks to speed things up!
Interview with Bret Scofield, Interaction Designer at Sumo Logic
In this interview, Bret from Sumo Logic shares her process for understanding customer needs through building data-driven personas. It’s good to see user personas being done well (after I gave them a bit of a bashing at Frontier Conf!).
Product Vs. Marketing Illustration
You can find an illustration style that maps to both the voice of your core product, as well as your marketing voice.
Very interesting piece on how illustration can help define your brand.
Hybrid vs Native
Hybrid vs Native
While 79 percent of consumers would retry a mobile app only once or twice if it failed to work the first time, only 16 percent would give it more than two attempts. Poor mobile app experience is likely to discourage users from using an app again.
In this piece, Robbie Abed discusses the pros and cons of native and hybrid apps. To be honest, now that technology has caught up, it’s less of a discussion point. Use what is most suitable for the experience you want to provide.
Phrasee Marketing Language Generation Software
I’m really tempted to see what this does! Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate marketing language that beats humans >95% of the time! Crazy!
The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship
No one said building a company is easy. But it’s time to be honest about how brutal it really is – and the price so many founders secretly pay.
For the smaller eCommerce players, this one is for you!
Le Col
Le Col
Le Col, the premium cycling apparel brand, are following other cycling brands like Vulpine and Svelte by crowdfunding. They’re 61% there with 7 days left to go - will they meet their target?
The Radavist’s Top 10 and Then Some Beautiful Bicycles of 2016
Really interesting to see John Watson’s top 10 bicycles of the year. 8 of them have one chain ring up front - good to see my bike is in good company then (plus with the S&S coupler purple Prince bike!).
Sales trainer's comment: Train your staff to be ready for the internet shopper's arrival
Independent Bicycle Shops can follow in the footsteps of what Waterstones did when Amazon started encroaching on their territory. What did they do? Enhance the customer experience.
The Japanese artist Hokusai said that “none of my works done before my seventieth year is really worth counting”. Maybe there’s hope for those of us who still feel we’ve potential as yet unrealised. 
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This Was the Year Tech Stocks Became Sure Bets
American tech companies surpassed behemoths often thought of as stubborn mainstays in the top rungs of the public market, like Berkshire Hathaway and Exxon Mobil.
Why? Because tech moves fast, tech is fashionable and with good quality real-time data, they can hit their goals.
The Cloud Needs to Get a Whole Lot Greener in 2017
Carbon offset credits don’t necessarily stop fossil fuels from being burned and a lot of our new technology isn’t built upon new sources of energy to power them. Wired takes a deeper look.
Here's to giving ourselves the best possible chances of success!
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