Issue #54: Time well spent

I find getting to work is a pain. According to a recent report:Traffic congestion costs UK business a
Issue #54: Time well spent
By Ross Chapman • Issue #54
I find getting to work is a pain. According to a recent report:
Traffic congestion costs UK business an estimated £767 million a year.
And in a week where Southern Rail has come to a standstill, I really do wonder what on Earth we’re doing!
There’s nothing wrong with travelling, if you can spend the time well. My commute yesterday clocked up 32km each way on the bike. It may be slower than the car, but it’s certainly more beneficial to my mind, body and bike skills.
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Cycling 🚴
Festive 500
Festive 500
This year, I’m joining Rapha’s festive tradition and riding 500km on the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Tens of thousands of riders around the world will be getting up off the sofa and onto their bikes. It’s going to be cold, but so rad! Keep an eye on Instagram to see how I get on!
The Race for the Cafe
This week, I came across this awesome blog. Cycling is growing in the UK, so it’s really nice to see a place devoted to riding in Britain.
Department for Transport report: Cycling's modal share continues nationwide slide
This report is a difficult one to get your head around. Essentially it says that 2% of trips in the UK are made by bike. With that low share, I can see why the case for improving infrastructure hasn’t been a priority, BUT my thinking is that if things are easy to do, people will do them! If we had the infrastructure in the UK that matched the likes of London and wider Europe, more people would get on the bike. It’s hard to know how to buck the trend, but what we can do to increase cycle commuting is something worth looking at going into next year.
Coolness 😎
Co-working bus
Co-working bus
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The short version is that I get super tired when the sun comes up, and then when it goes down again I perk right back up for the rest of the night.
I am, in a biological sense, nocturnal.
Fantastic read!
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Here's to time well spent!
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