Issue #53: Bricks versus Clicks

Bricks versus Clicks. In the same week that the 309 year old Fortnum and Mason announce 12% growth in
Issue #53: Bricks versus Clicks
By Ross Chapman • Issue #53
Bricks versus Clicks. In the same week that the 309 year old Fortnum and Mason announce 12% growth in sales this December, 105 year old Ben Hayward Cycles of Cambridge announce that they’re closing down (and sadly Meesterknecht in Amsterdam is closing too!). 😵
Success can be determined by the power of brand, but also in strategy. Fortnum’s growth can be attributed by increased online sales and a successful pop-up shop strategy. 
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UX design 🙋
Where does UX sit in your organisation?
Where does UX sit in your organisation?
The results of a recent study reveal how different organisations use UX today. From my experience, I’ve been the UX design team of one, to working as part of a feature team. Different companies approach it in their unique way. In an opinion shared by this piece: “It starts with where UX sits inside the organisation.”
Why a Chatbot was the hardest thing I’ve ever designed, Part 2
“Right now bots are limited in what you can output to users. This lack of signifiers and affordances is both a challenge and benefit of bots. This article will teach you how to hack the system.” I really need to get into bots next year!
The UX Fund: Investing $50,000 in 10 companies, 10 years later
In 2006, the phones in our pockets were used primarily to take a phone call or send the occasional text message. How times have changed. Geoff Teehan, Product Design Director at Facebook, who co-founded agency Teehan+Lax in 2002, had a hypothesis: Companies that focus on delivering great user experiences will see it reflected in their stock price. How did their hypothesis fare?
eCommerce 💳
“Imagine walking into one of your favourite stores. You’re expecting a quality visit as always, but this time you find it hard to locate the products you’re most interested in.” Inspired Mag share what they think are the vital parts of UX in eCommerce. TL:DR: Figure out a system to bring users back and bring down the average online shopping cart abandonment rate (currently sits at 68.63%).
Building a more helpful help center with Shopify
“Could we deflect customer support tickets by having better resources for people to help themselves?” That’s the core question Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management at Shopify asks. Can you really self-serve?
Nigeria’s Black Friday sales test the e-commerce models of startups Jumia and Konga
Africa’s two leading e-commerce startups, Jumia and Konga, topped their 2015 Black Friday merchandise sales in Nigeria. What can we learn for the next sales period?
Cycling 🚴
Idea Hunt
Idea Hunt
IdeaHunt is a place to crowdsource product ideas, including bicycle business manufacturers. Whether you’re a business on consumer, needing feedback or wishing to give up, IdeaHunt is there for you.
Velorution talks third branch opening, selling the cycling lifestyle and meeting every customer at the door
Where bricks are learning new tricks! Velorution are leading the way. “We make sure customers are met right away and by the time they leave they have some of our own branding in their hands.
Cycling apparel brand Le Col raises more than £430K in under two weeks
After only two weeks on Crowdcube, cycling apparel brand Le Col has raised over £430,000. Woah!
Coolness 😎
Riz Ahmed
Riz Ahmed
“I’ve done three or four solid films now that became cult classics. And everyone’s like, ‘What’s it like being a Muslim?’ That’s offensive.“ Fantastic read from Riz Ahmed someone who has always had something to say.
Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better
“Shopping? I can’t really remember what that is. For most of us, it has been turned into choosing things to use. Sometimes I find this fun, and sometimes I just the algorithm to do it for me. It knows my taste better than I do by now.” READ THIS!
Do One Thing Well
Some products, some services, some experiences are just right. It’s hard to know how to make them simpler, more beautiful or more useful. Welcome to Hiut Denim Co.
Here's to driving clicks and innovating bricks
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