Issue #52: Let's go retro

I find retrospectives invaluable. Identifying what was good, bad and what you'd do differently next t
Issue #52: Let's go retro
By Ross Chapman • Issue #52
I find retrospectives invaluable. Identifying what was good, bad and what you’d do differently next time has been a super useful tool to make sure we as a team learn and improve over time.
It reminds me of something Albert Einstein said that resonates with me quite well:
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
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p.s. Slight tweak to this week’s format (I’ve added cycling 🚴 !). Hope you like it! Let me know if you don’t!

UX design 🙋
Does Ego belong in Experience design?
Does Ego belong in Experience design?
Ego lives in, and haunts every one of us.
It sits and waits around every corner.
It waits for us to succeed or to fail.
It waits to tell us that we’re important, that we’re special and that…
How To Conduct “Engaging” Design Reviews
“Design reviews are the ideal opportunity to demonstrate that hawk vision you possess” I caught the notion of design critiques from Jeffrey Veen - look like a really useful tool.
Remote User Research & Usability Methods
I’ve been asked a few times how to conduct remote user research. I use What Users Do for some projects. UX Mag go in deep on how to kick it off.
eCommerce 💳
Do you do Split Testing?
Do you do Split Testing?
“Stop designing for everyone and focus only on YOUR customers.” Something I’ve mentioned in the last few weeks is to steer from what do we like to what’s good for us and our customers. Such a simple thing, but needs asking plenty of times.
Hiut Denim's Black Friday message
Want to get noticed within a flurry of excitement? Do what Hiut did for Black Friday. Also look at what Patagonia did.
Jobs to be Done: From Research to Minimum Valuable Product
“Discovering and defining the right problems to solve is one of the most difficult parts of the product management process.” I’m starting to use Jobs to be Done to frame each user problem. It’s working well so far! 
Cycling 🚴
Go Big in Berlin
Go Big in Berlin
I want to take my bike places next year. Vulpine’s look at Berlin provides lots of inspiration!
Kona Rove Touring Mode
“So is it a road bike or an off road bike? Is it a commuter? A touring bike? It is all of them; rolled into one.” Chris Wright from Wiggle shares his adventures riding to Mount Snowdon on a gravel bike carrying everything he’d need. Nice shout out to Wahoo keeping them on track to bike pack!
Cycling training plan for beginners this winter
I’m riding through winter for the first time this year. Cycling Weekly have a handy free pdf cycling training plan for beginners (like me) to build up endurance over the winter. Noice!
Coolness 😎
“Margaret Hamilton wasn’t supposed to invent the modern concept of software and land men on the moon. It was 1960, not a time when women were encouraged to seek out high-powered technical work.” Such a fantastic read about moving the human race forward by sticking to what you believe in.
The World Has a Playground Deficit
I so feel this! Half a day at the weekend can sometimes be devoted to doing homework with the children. Weekends should be for play! As a sidenote, the playgrounds in the UK are pretty poor compared to The Netherlands for example. Great read!
Watch These 8 Movies Before They Leave Netflix in December
Every now and again, Netflix does a big purge to introduce other films into its catalogue. Before they go, try and watch these 8 films!
Here's to reviewing, learning and adjusting!
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