Issue #51: Understand the problem before you design the solution

Understand the problem before you design the solution.It's Black Friday and it's really interesting f
Issue #51: Understand the problem before you design the solution
By Ross Chapman • Issue #51
Understand the problem before you design the solution.
It’s Black Friday and it’s really interesting for me (working in eCommerce) to see the different approaches to the same problem: Capitalising on one of the year’s biggest sales days. 
Some shops have just selected some items to discount (more that likely being slow or soon to be replaced stock), while others have given users more unique experiences and offers. Each approach has its merits, as long as they solve the problem well.
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UX design
An app to help you run Design Sprints
An app to help you run Design Sprints
When things are easy, people are more likely to do them. I’ve just found an app to help run design sprints within teams. Check it out!
Running productive design critiques
“Before showing any designs make sure everyone clearly understands the problem.” Such a key piece of knowledge and one easily forgotten in the heat of the (design) moment. Also “bring the team through your proposal” is also key to getting buy-in.
The Beginners Guide to Becoming the Best Designer
“When we remove ego, we’re left with what is real. What replaces ego is humility, yes — but rock-hard humility and confidence. Whereas ego is artificial, this type of confidence can hold weight. Ego is stolen. Confidence is earned.” Fantastic insight by Michael Abehsera, Chief Editor Design @ Topta.
Adding all the genders - good work Tinder!
Adding all the genders - good work Tinder!
Perfect summary: “For transgender users, online dating can be a challenging, sometimes even dangerous experience. Not only can confusion and discomfort quickly lead to nasty language directed at trans and nonconforming users, but in Tinder’s case, the lack of understanding (not to mention outright bigotry) around transgender issues led some users to file reports to Tinder upon learning that the gender identity of a user they had been matched with was not as clear-cut as they expected it to be.”
Guide: EPOS and eCommerce jargon broken down by the experts
There’s a terrific amount of complication in eCommerce, simply due in part to the language we use. Cycling Industry News breaks it down.
Interestingly, I learned in Aral Balkin’s talk at Frontier Conference that our industry and the drug industry are the only ones that call people “users!”
How users feel about webchat
Webchat is an increasing force in online customer service. What do users think of it? Is it widely used and trusted? Chris Heathcote delves deep.
The Remote Trip
The Remote Trip
The Remote Trip brings together a community of 30 remote professionals to work while traveling the world together for 3-to-6 months. It looks fantastic, but with all the beautiful locations, I do wonder if any work would actually get done!
Rapha CX Prestige 2016
I’m really getting into my Cyclocross (as a fan) and hopefully as a participant soon. These kind of posts pique my interest, especially as I pick my new bike up this weekend!
Dashing Bikes
As Brooks celebrate a century and a half of excellence, they have invited a select number of partners to create some special limited edition bicycles in the theme copper. Take a look at the wonderful steeds in this collection. So happy to be using Brooks on my new ride - can’t beat Brooks!
Here's to understanding the problem first
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