Issue #50: Get past the numbers

It was Frontier Conference last week! So pleasing to share some ideas and experiences, but also hear
Issue #50: Get past the numbers
By Ross Chapman • Issue #50
It was Frontier Conference last week! So pleasing to share some ideas and experiences, but also hear from other designers and developers creating the best work on their lives!
So interesting to hear about other peoples work. Conferences like these remind me that there is no shortage of work out there - if you’re not getting it, then you need to share more good stuff!
Thank you for supporting this - the 50th issue! 🎉

Showing some UX hacks! Thanks to Tony Edwards for the photo!
Showing some UX hacks! Thanks to Tony Edwards for the photo!
UX design
Usability test like the best!
Usability test like the best!
Ever get challenged about the data you receive from usability testing? Danni Friedland explores the reasons why analytics aren’t enough and that only usability testing is 100% focused on the experience and process. I talked about this at Frontier Conf as well. “Users are individuals with unexpected behaviors and patterns—they aren’t numbers on a chart.”
Interview with Rochelle King
Rochelle King was one of the stand-out speakers at the Leading Design Conference last month. Andy Budd talks to Rochelle King about her typical day, her first design leadership role and advice she would pass on to new design leaders.
UX Check
Wouldn’t it be great if you could perform a check for whether your web pages meet a set of user experience criteria? Well, now you can! I’ve just started using this hack, but I can see tremendous value by showing colleagues what to look out for when doing a usability audit. Good stuff!
UX + eCommerce
UX + eCommerce
Increase online sales using 5 UX principles applied by the inventor of eCommerce. Get past the link-bait and there are some useful tips in this online resource. TL:DR: numbers are worthless if you don’t understand the stories they’re trying to tell.
Retail surgery: How will shoppers spend this Christmas?
Heightened competition during peak season means retailers need to use all the tools at their disposal. “For instance, the peaks in consumer interest triggered by TV shows influence present choices; when Season 7 of The Great British Bake Off launched, interest in baking products on eBay soared by 133% in the following hour.” 
eCommerce Checkout Optimization: How To Get Higher Conversions On Your Payment Form
“While an average of 70% of eCommerce carts are abandoned, the tools you choose to integrate with at checkout can give you a leg up.” Optimising your checkout process makes complete sense, so look at adding features that help, rather than hinder your users. Apple Pay has now come to the web - when will you start accepting payment by fingerprint?
Natasha Hockey
Natasha Hockey
Twitter friend Natasha Hockey attended the ReasonsTo conference and was inspired to start experimenting with hand-lettering. “I had no idea where to start or what materials to buy but after doing some research I settled on some black ink, a sturdy sketchbook and my first water-brush pen.” Do you have a side-project? Might be something to think about over the Christmas period.
How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities
Jon Woodroof shared this on Facebook last week and I can’t wait to read it. Sometimes I don’t know how to comment on matters of race and inequality (being a white dude!).

As a sidenote, I also recognise the inherit gender issue we have in retail (hint: there’s more than just men’s and women’s and should we sell on gender or on shape? Here’s a list of gender options on Facebook). Interested to hear your thoughts on that. 
Recyclable helmet wins James Dyson Award
The EcoHelmet was announced as the international winner of the James Dyson Awards 2016. Will it catch on?
Here's to looking past the numbers
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