Issue #5

Another action-packed week has passed. I've started to think about how people understand UX design. I
Issue #5
By Ross Chapman • Issue #5
Another action-packed week has passed. I’ve started to think about how people understand UX design. Is it simply a feature of digital Design, or does it have greater impact within a business?
“UX is no more about wireframes or prototypes than accountancy is about spreadsheets. We are business transformation consultants and our one true deliverable is behavioural change.” - Mike Atherton
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UX Design
Posting your sketches in a public place means it’s easy for stakeholders and team members to annotate. This tip and many more come from Ken Skistimas at Salesforce UX. Listen up!
How to Do a UX Review
It’s December - which means 24ways is back - the advent calendar for designers and developers. Joe Leech shows us how to conduct a UX review - a simple way of going through a website looking for usability and experience problems, making recommendations on how to fix them - good job!
12 good, bad and ugly web design trends for 2016
So what have we got going on in 2016? More of the same, some innovative new techniques, and one or two surprises. Say hi to the design patterns and goodbye to the hamburger menu!
User Research
Why You Should User Test Your Prototype Before Coding Anything
A little up-front user research can save you a lot of time and money. Make a prototype and test it, before getting a designer on board.
Here’s a list of 25 rules and recommendations that people tend to find most helpful when researching users (especially for the first time!).
Productivity and Mindset
With a new year fast approaching,get inspired with the freshest blogs and websites for creative entrepreneurs. 
Create live mockups using AngularJS
Martin Gontovnikas explains how to use AngularJS to create navigable prototypes in a heartbeat, with no tricky coding required. Something I’ll have a look at!
I was pleased to get involved with this! Crossa is a crowd-sourced cycling roadside assistance and bicycle service app, to get you back on your bike, wherever you are. Watch the video - I’m in it (as well as my shed)!
Professional PR, made easy
I’m not in PR, but if I was, I’d use Track your PR efforts and publish social media friendly online press releases in minutes. PR is reborn!
Thanks for reading and here's to delivering behavioural change!
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