Issue #49: Happiness is unachievable

It's around this time of year that I start looking towards the next. What do I want to do? What do I
Issue #49: Happiness is unachievable
By Ross Chapman • Issue #49
It’s around this time of year that I start looking towards the next. What do I want to do? What do I want to change?
Usually this would lead me to think of how I can be happier. Darius Foroux thinks this is unachievable. in his post “The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness”. He states that “happiness can’t be a goal in itself. Therefore, it’s not something that’s achievable.”
He suggests we should instead think about how we can be more useful. He continues “it’s not anything big. But when you do little useful things every day, it adds up to a life that is well lived. A life that mattered.”
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UX design
Kai Brach
Kai Brach
Kai Brach’s Offscreen Magazine is a super offering to a community that spends most of its time on-screen. Airbnb ask Kai whether travel has influenced his work and what he values most when visiting somewhere new. Really nice read!
Replacing The User Story With The Job Story
We’re starting to look at using job stories at work. A job story, for example, is “when an important new customer signs up, I want to be notified, so I can start a conversation with them.” It further instills the notion that user personas are no good.
UX Tip: More Than A Screen
“Focusing on a single screen is dangerous. Your job is to choreograph how all the screens fit together.” So true! We constantly need reminding that designing for pages is not as good as designing the whole experience, which involves many pages. TIP: Use a Pattern Library to quickly build using Components.
“Boss says revamp affects 25% of UK floorspace with more emphasis on food, and will also shut 53 overseas shops.” Bricks and mortar stores have huge overheads and deal with the old model of going to a shop. A bold move, but I’d suggest the right one.
Retailers: People Want Easier E-commerce Returns
Many retailers are still overlooking their return policy. “The failure to integrate an efficient and hassle-free return policy could have a serious backlash on present and future sales.” If you look at retailers such as Asos, who make the packaging easy to reuse and the return label easy to use, these are the service levels customers now expect, especially for eCommerce shops.
Colnago opens up direct sale via dealer model in US
Canyon and other bike brands have started investing in their on eCommerce offerings. “It was important that we introduce a new way for U.S. customers to purchase Colnago products online,” said Billy Kanzler, national sales manager of Colnago America. As part of the program the dealer remains involved, with deliveries set for the customer’s local shop for assembly. This is a really nice setup - order online, collect in store.
Before the flood
Before the flood
This week, I’ve been watching this and Cowspiracy. The ongoing argument is that livestock is the number one threat consuming the world’s resources, and no one wants to talk about it. It’s making me seriously reconsider what I eat and how I live. Give it some of your time. 
How to turn a stranger into a client in four simple steps
I know a number of talented people in the design industry, but for many of them, they don’t reach the success they deserve because they don’t know how to do all the other bits in getting and keeping customers. Patricia van den Akker shares her expertise on the matter, including some practical advice, such as creating a “buzz.” 
FrontierConf | Front-End design and development conference - London 16 November 2016
FrontierConf is an inspirational Front-End design and development conference hitting London on 16 November 2016. I’m speaking about how to practically achieve good user experience design practice in a growing eCommerce player. Hope to see you there!
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