Issue #48: Thinking versus making

Thinking versus making.I find an increasing amount of my time is spent thinking through problems or s
Issue #48: Thinking versus making
By Ross Chapman • Issue #48
Thinking versus making.
I find an increasing amount of my time is spent thinking through problems or solutions over making. This surprises me when we’re keen as designers to make minimum viable products and test out ideas.
I think the reason is that thinking about a problem is where we add value. Thinking about the smallest form of a solution or the approach to testing ideas out with users is valuable. With the Leading Design Conference still fresh in my mind, I think there will be a period in the near-future where teams won’t just be thinking of “we need a UX designer” to “which UX designer would be a good fit to helping us solve this problem.”
Truth is, I think we need to think and make in equal measure.
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Here's to thinking and making in equal measure!
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