Issue #45: How you do UX design

I'm getting lots of good feedback from the post I shared last time on how we do usability testing out
Issue #45: How you do UX design
By Ross Chapman • Issue #45
I’m getting lots of good feedback from the post I shared last time on how we do usability testing out in the field (or forest!). Designers have approached me to ask “how do you do UX design” and “where should I start with learning.”
I can point you to Frontier Conference that I’m speaking at next month. I’ll be talking about the practicalities of doing user experience design within a business and ultimately, how to get the business to think about users first.
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p.s. I’ll be in London, UK next week for Leading Design. Hit me on @skysoclear if you’re about!

UX design
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
“UX professionals should require the use of user or customer journey mapping in determining the ideal customer and user experience”, says Forrester Analyst Leah Buley. Here, Realtimeboard (which I use for mapping categories and user journeys) covers how to do journey mapping. The important thing to understand, much like a sales funnel, is there is always more than one to map.
Agile vs Lean vs Design Thinking
We need to fight through the jargon we have in this industry. In this post, Lean UX author Jeff Gothelf tries to answer the question “which one is right?” TL:DR your customers don’t care. “They care about great products and services that solve meaningful problems for them in effective ways.”
Chatbots: Your Ultimate Prototyping Tool
I haven’t found how chatbots can play a useful role in UX design - yet. This post from IDEO talks about how to use chatbots as prototypes. Best to read this one top to bottom!
Facebook and eCommerce
Facebook and eCommerce
“The social network has never become the online shopping emporium once predicted. Instead, its retailing initiatives have been marked by a string of stumbles. Now it’s back with another attempt, perhaps its most ambitious of all.” Now, Facebook is looking at using Messenger bots to accept payments. Will this be the feature they need to capitalise on eCommerce?
Deck The Aisles: Preparing Your Online Stores for Holiday Shopping.
Adobe are hosting a webinar to prepare retailers for the upcoming holiday shopping season. “A good store manager knows how to adjust the in-store experience to fit customers’ needs. They can clear aisles, offer direction, and open more registers to meet demand. But gaining this same advantage online has been a long-time challenge.”
Ecommerce checkouts: What payment options do users want?
eCommerce checkout design has come a long way in recent years. Nikki Gilliland notes “I’ve recently been questioning whether people do actually care if a site has a one-click buy option.” She asks that if the process is quick, transparent and easy - does it really matter?
Vulpine launches the Nightfall collection
Vulpine launches the Nightfall collection
Vulpine launches the Nightfall collection with a lovely group of riders, designers and builders. It’s amazing to think that some brands or retailers don’t think about how to launch products, other than just uploading them to site. Vulpine take care and it really shows in this post.
I’m headed to Facebook 👍
Another design leader joins Facebook. I like Cameron. We’ve talked in the past about our passion for DSLR videography and I’ve certainly used his wicked worn looks and authentic jobs from time to time. It must be a massive change for Cameron and his family of 7, moving from Florida to California. I wish him the very best of luck!
Making remote work
Alasdair Monk shares how he does remote at Heroku. 60% of Heroku’s employees are remote with the remaining 40% based out of a beautiful office in San Francisco. This post is chocced-full of handy tips and three key things to work to: Working asynchronously, Working together and Staying aligned.
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