Issue #42 - New perspectives

I've been looking at screen readers today. It's just one experience that I haven't really investigate
Issue #42 - New perspectives
By Ross Chapman • Issue #42
I’ve been looking at screen readers today. It’s just one experience that I haven’t really investigated. 
“Screen readers are software programs that allow blind or visually impaired users to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with a speech synthesizer or braille display.” ref.
Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss. That’s around one person in 30, yet businesses I’ve worked in don’t usually understand their needs. 
As UX practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to take new perspectives of our designs and of our users.
As ever, thank you for supporting this issue.
- Ross

UX design
Colour selection
Colour selection
Joel talks us through his experience designing for and with color blindness, looking at apps and programs which have done a great job at it. Marvel are knocking it out of the park with content like this - easily one of my favourite blogs on design.
The New Design
Designer, cyclist and lover of all things outside, Naz Hamid is a great designer. Here, Naz shares what he thinks those new to the field should know and how we as a design and tech industry can help. The field of educations for UX design is ever-changing, and Naz has some great points in this article.
FrontierConf - Front-End design and development conference - London 16 November 2016
FrontierConf is an inspirational Front-End design and development conference hitting London on 16 November 2016. I’m talking about the practical side of delivering user experience. How do you get designers and developers to work towards a user experience strategy in a growing business? And ultimately, how do you get the business to think about users first? See me there!
3 Cs: Chat, Content and Commerce
3 Cs: Chat, Content and Commerce
In the beginning of the tech era, there were companies that dominated in one of the major categories: Chat, Content and Commerce. With any two of those powers combined, you will dominate. With three, you could be unbeatable. An oldie, but a goldie from Dana Loberg.
7 Ways To Reduce Your Website’s Cart Abandonment Rate
The average rate of cart abandonment is 68% amongst eCommerce retailers. This post reveals 7 effective ways to improve yours and make more sales.
What To Do When Your Store Reaches £1,000 In Sales
What might have started as a hobby has now flourished into a blossoming small e-commerce business. Now you’re starting to worry that you’re in over your head. There’s so much to do and think about, and you might only be one person. We Make Websites shares some strategies to take your store to the next level.
Deliveroo Design
Deliveroo Design
Deliveroo’s original visual identity was designed with the website, a few rider boxes and some business cards in mind. Now, just like with Airbnb, they’ve taken a second look at their look. The “roo” stays, but the design treatment from rider’s kit to photography has evolved. I’m seeing more and more Deliveroo riders on the street and looking forward to seeing more of them!
An enticing tour around Huckletree: Shoreditch's latest coworking space
Creative Boom takes a closer look at one of the newest co-working spaces in London. Positioned at the heart of London’s innovation centre, Huckletree has a community of 400 members, all enjoying its contemporary space which includes stretching zones, hydration stations, indoor and outdoor gardens and little clutters of inspiration.

Twotone Amsterdam (@twotoneams)
My buddy Jon Woodroof has just finished the Torino Nice Rally, a multi-day one-stage 700km ride across Italy. “The route includes around 485km of tarmac going up to a high point of 2750m and taking in two Grand Tour cols, also 240km of rocky gravel-based military stradas along the border often at an altitude of 2000m or more. The scenery of the Queyras and Mercantour national parks and the Ligurian and Maritime Alps will reward those prepared to ride long days and sleep out, seeing the sun rise and set each day.”

Check out his Instagram to follow the adventure! As an aside, my gravel/travel bike is taking shape in Treviso. So excited!
Here's to taking new perspectives this week
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