Issue #41 - Change for great and don't settle for good

Change can take a long time and that's why it's worth celebrating the rewards they bring. We've been
Issue #41 - Change for great and don't settle for good
By Ross Chapman • Issue #41
Change can take a long time and that’s why it’s worth celebrating the rewards they bring. 
We’ve been getting an html prototype ready to share with our customers and will be testing through What Users Do in the coming days. It’s really a step-change on how the team here have designed experiences in the past and already we’re seeing the benefits of rapidly designing experiences based on internal stakeholder and user feedback.
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UX design
Engineering and design are inextricably linked in product design. Product designers need to understand constraints, and build & iterate alongside engineers. Getting over the design process of the past (typically waterfall in nature) means that designing and developing can run in a cycle. Great insight here from Intercom.
How Spotify’s website UX has changed (2006 to 2016)
What a difference ten years makes. Take a look how Spotify have iterated their design to better meet user needs and evolve their business promise. I particularly like how they’ve found their brand design through typography and design treatment.
Why can’t designers solve more meaningful problems?
“Every few months, somebody in our industry will question why designers don’t use their talents to solve more meaningful problems.” Andy Budd discusses the age-old challenge of getting design recognised in businesses and what good really looks like. 
SEO isn’t going away anytime soon, so here’s some rich snippets you should try out for your eCommerce store. Great to see that you can list stock in Google shopping - never knew that!
Product Rockstars have Head, Hands, and Heart
“There’s no substitute for intellectual curiosity, the ability to reason and explore.” Fred Esere, Product Manager at the BBC shares his top tips for being the best creative you can be. There’s so much good stuff here: “most organisations are designed from the top down, to focus on the “what they do” of great product management, and surprisingly optimised to miss the infinitely more important “who they are” as a result.”
How Netflix does A/B Testing
Have you ever wondered why Netflix has such a great streaming experience? Do you want to learn how they completed their homepage? Artwork variations seem particularly important.
Great to see my colleagues in Team Wiggle have a great time on the Rapha Prestige West Country. Tim has even shared a video of the event. Got to get on this next year!
Uber Icons Pt2 by Vic Bell
Last year Vic Bell had the pleasure of working on a set of icons for Uber. Take a look!
“Stress can increase focus and productivity, but too much and you’re left feeling unable to cope.” Fellow Wiggler Suzannah Cranwell talks about using Stress as an advantage to get things done.
Change for great and don't settle for good
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