Issue #4

Hello again! How quickly a week goes by!This week, I've been coding prototypes, firmly believing that
Issue #4
By Ross Chapman • Issue #4
Hello again! How quickly a week goes by!
This week, I’ve been coding prototypes, firmly believing that you should design in the medium you’re building.
I’ve also been invited to speak at Fronter Conference, a one day celebration of everything #frontend, by @adamdawkins and @johntnorris
Enjoy the latest in UX, user research and coolness…

UX Design
I’ve been invited to speak at FrontierConf in London on 11 March 2016! I’ll be talking about the practical side of delivering user experience - how to implement a UX strategy and, ultimately, how to get the business to think about users first. Book your space now!
It’s been nearly 20 years since Bill Gates declared that “content is king” and despite the dated references to modems etc., there’s some excellent takeaways from the Father of Windows.
Do you have a Device Lab?
The Device Lab stand allows you to organize your responsive development devices in one single space and make them conveniently available. Pretty damn handy for a clean-desk policy office!
User Research
Do you know how to tell your users’ story? Are you sure you’re not just making it up as you go along?
How to prioritize customer research when everything is a priority
When everything is important, nothing is. Google Ventures looks at prioritising work and where research features - good real-world advice.
It was World Disability Day yesterday, so here are some tips and tricks from Google to start thinking about incorporating real accessibility gains into your work.
Money is an invention. Attention is real, it’s limited, and it’s valuable. As they say, where eyes go, money follows. A nice primer into designing for attention.
Productivity and Mindset
Design: Meet the Internet
After three years of silence and hard work, Dylan finally gets to announce the launch of Figma, a collaborative interface design tool. Designer Daniel Eden has been testing it for some time and claims “it’s every bit as impressive as it claims.” One to check out!
Atomic: Interface design software for professionals
Another tool in my scopes this week. Atomic, which includes tools for interface design, prototyping, version control and collaboration. UX design tools are exploding right now.
10 super inspiring videos on being creative and making the most of it
Being creative is a gift that needs nurturing. It should never be taken for granted. Check out these videos and get inspired!
Email like a pro with these handy tools and extensions by Product Hunt
Make email fun. A collection curated by Product Hunt, featuring Gmail add-ons like including GIFs, a Rapportive replacement and Dropbox integration. Get tooled up and make email an extension of your design process!
Push too hard for too long and you will break down. This article by Chieu Cao teaches us to listen to our bodies, especially at work. 
Cadence seems to be bucking the trend of falling sales in cycle shops. They’ve launched a crowd cube fundraiser and are looking for investors within the cycling community to help open three new stores across the country. Check out the video!
Basecamp is now worth $100 billion dollars. Not.
Jason Fried and team have done it again - picking apart business valuations to get to a very simple argument - it’s all made up anyway.
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