Issue #39 - Keeping on keeping on

"There is an increasing demand for digital devices for children, especially in schools to provide an
Issue #39 - Keeping on keeping on
By Ross Chapman • Issue #39
“There is an increasing demand for digital devices for children, especially in schools to provide an engaging form of education.” ref
Children never stop learning. 
My children are inseparable from their iOS devices at home. Minecraft has quickly replaced playing with Lego. Watching videos on YouTube has even replaced watching Netflix.
I find that balance is key. When I get home from work, they do ask to play with me. They do want to go on the trampoline, or read a book with me.
I also get texts from my children when they get home from school and they feel like they want to talk. That’s what technology is good for. In some ways, I feel like I’m better preparing them for the world they’re growing up in. 
I know that they’ll pick the most exciting thing, so I just need to make sure that it isn’t always something on a screen. There’s a whole world out there and so many things to go out to experience and enjoy.
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UX design
A new degree aims to “fill the gaps” in user experience design education. As a UX design mentor at CareerFoundry, I know that people from all walks of life are coming to UX design hungry for a new career. A degree from Google would look mighty fine on your CV that’s for sure!
UX Designers Must Think Physical
“Sometimes we can connect better with a physical product” says Hannah Sage, founder and designer at Milo. I think this ties in  nicely with The Internet of Things - where your fridge orders milk because it knows you have run out. When it comes to designing websites or apps, designers should consider the devices using them. PC or Mac? Android phone or iOS tablet. They affect the whole experience.
It’s Ugly, But It Works: On Designing for Usability
Why is Craigslist and other sites so ugly? “Because they do exactly what people need.” They are usable.
Also: “Your job is to help the user achieve their goal. Navigating an interface is never the user’s goal. If you’d done your job right, the app would only do one thing, and would do it very well, and would do it all on one screen.” Cracking stuff!
User testing is a necessary part of the design process, not a luxury. Find out what meets user needs, then share with your team. Once you start involving users, you start making things better. Leaving Photoshop from coded prototypes has helped my process no-end and also informs colleagues that there’s more to consider than pretty pictures.
Congrats, Walmart! You just realized e-commerce is a thing
The retail giant hopes its acquisition of startup will infuse energy into its e-commerce business. But Walmart has a long way to go to match Amazon. Plus, it’s still going with its mobile payments solution, resisting Apple Pay. They’re nothing but ambitious!
3 experts on persuading colleagues to embrace user-centred design
#TeamworkMakesTheDreamwork! If you’re a UX design team of one, or have a leadership team not consisting of a single designer, then you need to educate the business on the value of user experience. Do they know what it is? Having the right goals, attitude and winning respect will all help in making the case for designing for users.
Neil Phillips completes The Transcontinental Race in 9 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes
Neil Phillips completes The Transcontinental Race in 9 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes
This is the second year that I’ve followed The Transcontinental Race, probably the most beautiful, challenging and exciting cycles races in the world today. This article follows the story of Rapha Ambassador and fast racer Neil Phillips. I wonder if I’d ever try it?
Artist Lucy Sparrow wants to open New York's first shop made entirely from felt
In 2014, Lucy Sparrow’s famous month-long installation, The Cornershop, brought the plight of the demise of the beloved local corner shop to London. Now she has a new project.
Floppy Music: Back to the Future theme
Great Scott! My colleague Jeff shared this with me at work this week and I just thought it was too awesome to keep to myself. 
Keep on keeping on!
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