Issue #38 - Design never stops

So late publishing this issue, but not ready to disappoint!I've been designing for both iOS and the w
Issue #38 - Design never stops
By Ross Chapman • Issue #38
So late publishing this issue, but not ready to disappoint!
I’ve been designing for both iOS and the web this week and it’s amazing how different some of the nuances are of each platform. On a touch-enabled device, we want finger-sized buttons, minimal copy and a one column design. For a responsive web we move away from that as we increase the viewpoint. Buttons become smaller, the one column becomes two. 
All the while, I’ve been observing users. Not so much with what they say, but with what they do. Quickly scrolling down and back up again in hope that what they need with jump out at them. Finding that dropdown menus on hover are so hard to use. Taking a long time to complete a form because we’re not helping them do it.
Design never stops.
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UX design
Where do we get design patterns? The team at Fuzzy Math sat down to discuss the balance of innovative user experiences and usability.
Cennydd Bowles on designing for Twitter
Hailed as a UX pioneer, Cennydd Bowles shares his views on designing for users for Clearleft and Twitter. “People who do this kind of work are the kind of people who would be doctors or social workers, but they’re too squeamish, or they’re not good enough with people face-to-face.” Great insight! 
World of Warcraft: A quest into UX Design
The most fascinating aspect of World of Warcraft is the user experience. “Onboarding new users into the game can be both frustrating and incredibly inspirational.” Should I play it? 
“Paying for something online with a credit card is simple, right? Yes and no. Yes, because we’ve been doing it since the early days of the Internet (e.g. Amazon), and no, because no two credit card forms are alike.” This article has been extremely useful in the past week as I redesign a checkout system. Note in particular how the credit card number is inputted - clever stuff!
How designers can use data to create amazing work
Data doesn’t have to come straight from Google Analytics! Data can come from usability testing, surveys and prototyping. “Let’s make a commitment to being right rather than lucky.”
Want To Create A $1 Million E-commerce Store? This Community Aims To Get You Past The Finish Line
Running an e-commerce store is one of the best ways to create high-revenue, one-person business, but there’s a big learning curve involved. Andrew Youderian, a former investment banker, aims to change that through eCommerceFuel, a private community he runs in Bozeman, Mont.
Fancy a new read on your Summer holiday?
Fancy a new read on your Summer holiday?
The 9am to 5pm way of working isn’t how the world works anymore. The web is 24/7 and your office can be anywhere. Pick a book from this list to take with you on holiday this Summer if you come back feeling more determined to take control!
No matter what happens next, GDS's long-term future is not assured
For me, the Government Digital Service is in grave danger as Government goes back to what they know. This article talks about what might happen in the coming months and years, despite all the good work so far. Interesting read.
Winning with Wiggle Workspace
I’ve been featured in the Microsoft video. Take a look!
Never stop aiming for great!
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