Issue #36 - Just Do It! 👍

When I went to secondary school, I had a multi-coloured Nike branded backpack. The message emblazoned
Issue #36 - Just Do It! 👍
By Ross Chapman • Issue #36
When I went to secondary school, I had a multi-coloured Nike branded backpack. The message emblazoned on it read “Just Do It.”
I find that execution is often more productive than planning. This past week, I’ve been conducting usability tests with users of In the first couple of interviews, I learnt so much in the way I should ask questions and create scenarios. I wouldn’t have discovered that by doing a lot of planning up front. I had to Just Do It.
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UX design
A design critique involves a small group of people to discuss a set of sketches or prototypes. The aim is to improve design by getting more eyes on the solution to solve the problem. This is how Facebook do it.
We are selling usability wrong. And it sucks.
“What I’m actually talking about is the essence of the words we use to sell our services to others.”  Markus Pirker talks about the use of buzzwords that flood our conversations daily. I find this in my work too, and Markus argues that we don’t talk enough about emotion. User excitement and anticipation are somewhat lacking in conversations with colleagues. Let’s just change that.
How to become a great UX designer without a degree
As a mentor at Career Foundry, I’m helping students get introduced into the discipline of user experience design. Friederike Geiken rightly says “you don’t need a degree to succeed in UX design.” She’s right.
Internet buddy Kym Ellis explains what Accelerated Mobile Pages are and why you should be introducing AMP on your website. TL:DR; we’re now moving towards a place where AMP is becoming commonplace.
The Most Important Parts of UX for Ecommerce
Navigation and filtering are some of the most important parts to get right, enabling users to find what they want. Another is a fast checkout. Catalin’s recommendation: choose one or two user experience changes you can make to your online shop, and move forward after you see that they have worked effectively. No idea? Start with those 2 examples.
UX Design for Passwords and Registration Forms
Forms are often the make-or-break point for conversions on our web applications. Kerry Butters pulls together a checklist of good UX design for passwords & forms.
With great work culture comes great responsibility, and at ustwo they enjoy sharing their experience and methods with fellow makers and doers across the world. Play a few of these videos this afternoon while you finish up your week. It may inspire you to think differently about your work over the weekend.
Co-op Finder Alpha
Co-op is on fire at the moment! Following their blog has been an obsession of mine in recent weeks. Here, product manager Ben Rieveley shares the Co-op store finder that they’ve built. You can dissect every sentence in the post, but a key one for me is “we’ve removed anything that we don’t have an evidenced user need for.” Great stuff!
Chris Froome reveals he is a Pokémon master in hilarious tweet
The Tour de France 2016 is coming to an end, but when he isn’t fighting for the yellow jersey, is Chris Froome touring France looking for rare Pokémon? A funny piece on the front-runner (sometime literally) for the win. Also this: “Others joked, saying Quintana must be a Magikarp - the useless Pokémon which simply lies on its side and splashes about, never managing to even injure its foes.”
Here's to executing more and planning less!
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