Issue #32 - Painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra

I was invited to a rather lovely wine-tasting evening yesterday on HMS Warrior, from the fab guys at
Issue #32 - Painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra
By Ross Chapman • Issue #32
I was invited to a rather lovely wine-tasting evening yesterday on HMS Warrior, from the fab guys at Dootrix. Warrior was built in 1859 in response to an invasion scare from France. 
The European Union was set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours, which culminated in the Second World War.
Yesterday, Britain decided to leave that union and go out on its own. 
In these uncertain times, we need to keep calm and carry on
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UX Design
So much love for this article
So much love for this article
Such a strong post about the current state of design. Jules Ehrhardt shares so much wisdom and truth that gets through to the real state of design as a service. From industry, agency and future, Jules navigates from where we are to where we could be. “The Digital Product Studio seeks out partnerships with clients rather than the antiquated shit-flows-downhill vendor client relationship.”
7 Things I Learned in Architecture School
“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context —a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” Advice you can apply to most fields of design. Simplicity, thinking through the problem and throwing away good ideas all help in the process.
Technical and social challenges of conversational design
Adrian Zumbrunnen made his website conversational. But was it really a success? What did he learn? 
User Research
Laura Klein
Laura Klein
“It was the first place where I could make a design change, ship it immediately to users in an a/b test, and get insight into the real behavior change that happened. It was absolutely magical. Closing that feedback loop made future product decisions so much better.” Feedback loops change everything, from design work to creating killer company culture. 
How to understand your audience in order to make informed content decisions
Shared via Leisa Reichelt. We can read traffic in Google Analytics, but do we understand trends? Robert Mills from GatherContent says we should strive to understand the numbers to learn more about audience.
Spotting UX Problems In Your Day-To-Day Life
If you struggle with brainstorming or whiteboarding, make it a point to actively spot and solve problems in your day-to-day life. Find out why.
UX in eCommerce
I’ve been a fan of Retrofuzz since finding them a couple of months ago. They understand project delivery with Design Thinking and deep collaboration with stakeholders works. The case study with Lee Jeans shows just how eCommerce projects on such a huge scale can be delivered successfully.
New online store launched to support independent cycle clothing designers
Omnium is a new UK-based online store that is seeking to bring together the best independently designed cycle clothing from around the world. It’s giving independently designed cycle clothing a bigger voice, celebrating premium original garments. Great idea!
4 UX Hacks to Increase Online Sales
Are you doing everything you can to create a better shopping experience? Try these 4 UX hacks to really push the needle and drive more online sales. After the obvious speeding up page load times, look at pre-filling forms and making calls to action (e.g. BUY) clearer. Also, white space is your friend :)
Andrew Wilkinson rarely goes to the office. Don’t follow convention. Remove the need to be central to all decision making and you free yourself to run the business, rather than have a job within it. Great advice from a successful digital product entrepreneur.
EVELO announces the release of the OMNI wheel
EVELO introduces the OMNI wheel: A new system that has the ability to convert any bike into an e-bike in just thirty minutes. Ingenious invention from a company I wrote about last issue.
Portlandia Is Real: These Mini Flowerpots Attach To Your Bike
Working out of her Atlanta studio, Colleen Jordan makes wearable flowerpots to order.  “A lot of cyclists seem to be plant lovers as well, so the combination just seemed right in my mind.”
Here's to a brave new world!
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