Issue #31 - Original content from me!

I've been wary of sharing ideas in the past, fearing that I'd add to the noise I find in design. I al
Issue #31 - Original content from me!
By Ross Chapman • Issue #31
I’ve been wary of sharing ideas in the past, fearing that I’d add to the noise I find in design. I also like talking about things that I know well, instead of creating opinion pieces about popular trends or linking to new innovations like everyone else.
Later this year, I’m talking about practical user experience design. How does this stuff get done? I get to cover three things I am passionate about: design, business and cycling. I thought of creating a talk that I’d want to listen to. Maybe you’d like to join me
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UX Design
“Because we use Slack every day ourselves, new ideas keep coming every day that’s a serious competitive advantage.” This is the power of eating your own dog food. There’s a thrill to designing products and services you know you’ll use. I try to work on projects and with companies I know I’ll have a deeper interest in.
What we mean when we say “digital”
Mike Bracken acknowledges the rise in the word “digital,” so defines this to ensure we know what we mean when we say digital. Ultimately, we’ll drop the word when it becomes the default way of doing things, but for now - this is a pretty good definition - nice one Mike!
User Research
I have a draft about creating feedback loops that I really need to finish writing! For a digital product studio like ustwo, feedback loops are vital to ensure people engage (I hate that word, but sticking with it!). A strong company culture of honesty and truth is the foundation to success. All the feels on this.  •  Share
GDS to form GOV.UK user research panel
Am I a fully paid-up-member of the GDS? Err…no, but this article caught my eye. The Government Digital Service (GDS) has revealed plans to build a user research panel for GOV.UK. I’m not entirely sure what existed beforehand, but this is still a positive step in ensuring GOV.UK meets user needs.
UX Poland interview with Kendra Shimmell
Kendra Shimmell is the MD of Cooper, a prominent UX design and strategy firm. She talks to UX Poland about responsible design and problem solving. So much key information in the first few minutes: “Solving problems can sometimes introduce new problems.”
UX in eCommerce
Lookout PayPal - Apple's gonna get you!
Lookout PayPal - Apple's gonna get you!
It has been pitched to retailers as a way to convert more shoppers browsing for stuff on their computers and phones into actual buyers. Post-Jobs, this Apple is providing more products and services that stretch from health to payments. I recently watched back the keynote to the debut of the iPhone and was reminded of just how much innovation and *cool shit* was on show. Paying for stuff with a finger print - the *cool shit* is back! 
Building Products — The Year of the Looking Glass
If I could make a digital product right now, it would be one where you could put in your process and see where you were on it. If people knew how to do things they can just get on and do it, without the need for valueless meetings and email ping pong. Julie Zhuo, Product design VP at Facebook lists her process for building products (with the disclaimer that it will be iterated upon!).
Apple Pay, Responsive Checkout and Facebook Messenger
Triple whammy from Shopify!  This platform is going crazy and I can’t see any other eCommerce platform players bringing this much innovation on such a tight product. Love to be working on this soon.
“But most bosses, it turns out, have no idea what purpose means.” Especially difficult in businesses pre-internet. “The CEO is thinking it’s really around business development and revenue generation. Then the employees are saying ‘We don’t care about that part.’ They want something to bring meaning to what they do, and that can give them a strong sense of community,” says Shannon Schuyler, PwC’s chief purpose officer.
Iconic Transport for London logo undergoes subtle redesign
The original Johnston font, designed in 1916, has had an update by Monotype. Watch the video, as it really sums up how it came into being. From understanding the problems of the current font, the designers took so much care evolving the iconic type. Comparing to the original (where the U and the O look squished), it is an impressive treatment.
Raise The Road
Daphne Karagianis, a fantastic designer (who worked on the Obama campaign), has, with her Chicago Women’s Elite Cycling crew, made a new film for Raise the Road, a women’s race happening later this year. They talk about reaching their potential and if you work hard you’ll see results. So many similarities to design and business!
Here's to building something great
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