Issue #3

It might be Black Friday, but colour me inspired! Lots of learning this week, researching our users,
Issue #3
By Ross Chapman • Issue #3
It might be Black Friday, but colour me inspired! Lots of learning this week, researching our users, understanding user journeys and improving. Build, measure, learn!
Welcome to the tools and personas issue, so named because I promised I’d feature ux tools last issue, plus, I’ve been working on personas this week - time to share the wealth! Everyone has different ways of doing things and it’s been great to understand what we’re really looking for when fulfilling user needs. 
So here’s the latest and greatest (without the lamest!) I’ve seen this week:

UX Design
“The most successful organizations have had designers playing a role in business strategy.” Treehouse Product Designer Klare Frank discusses collaborating with remote teams, the value of designers knowing how to code, and designing for success. Cool office at wework too!
How infinite scrolling breaks UX
Remember in last issue saying the hamburger menu wasn’t that great? This one looks at infinite scrolling with some surprising conclusions.
What makes a good User Experience?
Navdeep Raj has been working in the field of ux design for the past 8 years. This is what he has learned. The “CREAT” rule looks like a good one to adopt - thanks Navdeep!
Despite the clear importance of putting users first, it can still be a hard sell to clients. Here’s a few things to say when a client asks “why?”.
User Research
It’s no more scientifically valid than a BuzzFeed quiz - according to this article on Vox. So why then do most user personas use it? Love to hear your thoughts on this - let me know!
Persona Empathy Mapping
Another buzzword - “Empathy” dissected here, by the highly respected Cooper. I recently read up on understanding empathy from one of Evgenia Grinblo’s talks and had a thirst for learning more. This is a great primer!
Tips for creating great User Personas
Collecting data and conducting LOTS of user research is what makes strong, solid foundations for user personas. Some tips I considered when designing mine.
Richard is the brains and the stomach behind The User Is Drunk, a site he set up a few months ago to help people learn just how their site looks to a drunk person. One to read when you next raise a glass!
Productivity & Mindset
“Agile” isn’t about stand-ups or huddles, or even building software. Benjamin Portwin nails it in this post about “what’s all this Agile stuff about?”
Examples of user personas
Explore Kate Needham’s Pinterest board  about personas. There’s more than one way to get inside your users head.
10 Hacks to Save Time and Boost Productivity
Do you have too much work on your plate? If you saw my post on using my time better (here it is if you missed it!), here’s a few more hacks to help you make the most of your day.
No need to compile my own list - comes to the rescue! Tools for wireframing, prototyping, user research and testing. As an update, I’d add Userbrain, Peek and Realtime Board (which I’ve been using a lot this week!). Need to try out those card sorting tools next week!
“I find your lack of official Star Wars posters disturbing”. Ty doesn’t disappoint with his latest work that any cool Star Wars-loving designer will love.
Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture
An oldie, but I saw this for the first time this week. Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch delivers his last lecture in 2007 before cancer ended his amazing life. If you don’t weep with joy at the end of this you’re a robot.
25 bike-inspired gift ideas for the bicycle lover in your life
Katy nails it again with her list of 25 gifts for a cyclist. Awesome London light startup gets a mention as well as new bluetooth bike lock Noke. Check it out!
I’m looking forward to completing my first #festive500 this Christmas. I can see Komoot helping me achieve that goal!
Thanks for reading!
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