Issue #29 - Execution is the GAME

"It’s impossible to have a good strategy poorly executed. That’s because execution actually is strate
Issue #29 - Execution is the GAME
By Ross Chapman • Issue #29
“It’s impossible to have a good strategy poorly executed. That’s because execution actually is strategy – trying to separate the two only leads to confusion.” HBR
Actions always speak louder than words. Design is no different. Processes are only good when they are followed and improved upon over time.
Hypothesis driven UX design enables your team to learn more about the customer. This ultimately gives UX design a much higher business relevance.
But the best way to learn is to do. So get doing!
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UX Design
 ‎Julie Zhuo, VP, Product Design at Facebook
‎Julie Zhuo, VP, Product Design at Facebook
I’ve reserved my ticket! “Design Disruptors is a new documentary about the rising importance of design as a competitive advantage in disruptive technologies. Learn about the design process and product designers at the world’s most disruptive products, like Google, Twitter, Airbnb, Spotify, and more”. inVision are doing selected screenings around the world - hopefully I’ll get to see it on the big screen in London!
Apps in-depth: Building Bloomberg New Energy Finance for iOS & Android
Future Workshops share how they made the new energy finance app for Bloomberg. Using Medium to present case studies like this feels very authentic. Also - check out the iteration of the homepage.
Why Web Design is Dead
This post on UX Mag seems to recognise that bespoke web design is something of a romantic view. The web is commoditised by platforms, built with templates and designed for users. “Web pages themselves are no longer the center of the internet experience.”
User Research
Microsoft Seeing AI - Microsoft
Microsoft Seeing AI - Microsoft
Google’s Eve Andersson tells Co.Design how today’s accessibility problems could lead to improvements in robots, Google Maps, and even YouTube. Key takeaway: With machine learning, how does a computer decide what’s important?
Complete Beginner's Guide to UX Research
Always good to read these. Tools and processes for conducting user research. The trick is knowing when to apply each tool to solve each problem.
Understanding Deep Text, Facebook’s text understanding engine
How can we use machine learning to understand users? Better yet, how do we interpret what they say? That’s the question posed in this article looking at Facebook’s Deep Text.
UX in eCommerce
Halfords is executing a strategy to improve the collection of data to gain a “complete single view” of the customer. They’ve introduced eReceipts and email personalisation. A whole host of retailers are doing this because knowing more about the customer means they can order the right stock, improve customer service and identify problems within segments. I think personalisation is a force for good, but only tackled bit by bit.   
Is Crowdfunding the Right Move for Established Brands?
This topic is so on-point now. I’m learning more about a number of established brands and can’t help thinking that they’re not being bold enough. The stunning thing is, some don’t feel that they need to be. With the raft of Kickstarters that I’ve seen recently (including the very successful campaign for Vulpine), crowdfunding isn’t just a way to source investment - it can do wonders for marketing and pr.
Salesforce to Buy Demandware for $2.8 Billion - WSJ Inc. agreed to buy Demandware Inc. for $2.8 billion, adding e-commerce to its portfolio of online sales and marketing services. The deal is Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date. What does this tell me? Platforms are increasing and improving, barriers to selling online are being removed and the reasons to roll your own eCommerce solution are becoming less valid.
When graphic design meets bikes. I really like this DeSalvo X Land Shark for SimWorks paintjob!
Jason Fried - reimagining work/life balance by The Journal by Kevin Rose
Jason Fried of Basecamp is a master when it comes to running a successful business. Kevin Rose grabs him for a chat, talking about remote working, culture and mixing work and play. Most of Basecamp’s staff are remote and that, Jason adds, is why remote works.
LiveSlides - Embed any web content in a PowerPoint presentation
I’ve been increasingly using Marvel to workup prototypes. I can easily share them and iterate upon them. When it comes to stakeholders sharing these in their PowerPoint presentations - we get stuck. They screenshot the prototype and we lose a fundamental part of the design - its interactivity. However, using LiveSlides, you can embed Marvel, or any iFrame or Video into your deck. I’m going to try it out.
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