Issue #26 - Hot this week!

This issue starts with a bang (quite literally!).Design needs to be bold and sometimes you need to te
Issue #26 - Hot this week!
By Ross Chapman • Issue #26
This issue starts with a bang (quite literally!).
Design needs to be bold and sometimes you need to tear-down things and rebuild them. This can be anything from a user journey that loses customers, to the process of changing your credit card on your account.
That’s why we use design iteration. You’re learning more about your users by providing solutions and learning what works (and what doesn’t). If you break the learning loop, you run the risk of making decisions with old data, or even worse - assumptions held within your business.
Add a little spark to your work and iterate the designs that pain users. And if you’re not starting with solving user needs at the very beginning, blow everything you know apart and start again.
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UX Design
Knowing myself is a vital part of my happiness. Nick Schaden, a UI engineer and designer at Square talks here about self-awareness. When you know you’re good at something, you speak from a position of authority and clarity. You can then proactively help others. Good read!
10 Best UX Design Hacks
Lemonstand loved my talk on UX design hacks earlier this year at #DigiHants, so we’ve collaborated on a post that goes a bit deeper! Check out these 10 UX design hacks that will make your life as a web designer much easier and your work more productive.
In Data We Trust: Max Levchin Blows Up Consumer Finance
On the firework theme again! “Silicon Valley’s as successful as it is because we’re constantly blowing up whatever came before us, ripping it all down and building it back from scratch.” Max Levchin, CEO of Affirm, recalls a conversation with another CEO in this post on Mixpanel. TL:DR: Data is the raw material for each successive cycle of making and destroying. Use it.
User Research
You have data, but do you have meaning?
You have data, but do you have meaning?
This post by Erika Hall resonates with me so much. She talks about how company culture can affect creative output and how the activity of doing research should be more about collecting evidence than just looking at pure data. So much truth here (in my experience)!
How Badly Is Your UX Hurting Your SEO? (It Could Be Worse Than You Think)
User experience and SEO have often clashed, but you can let them be best buddies. This post from Neil Patel in the HuffPo gives a basic overview of what to look out for. Remember, more often than not, your most frequent “user” could be Googlebot!
44% say UX lacking with enterprise software
Some of the frustrations experienced using enterprise software include a lack of intuitiveness, complexity and a clunky/slow interface. This is a serious problem, with 90% of companies reporting that they use enterprise software. Let’s make it better!
UX in eCommerce
Photo by Alexander Rhind for Vulpine
Photo by Alexander Rhind for Vulpine
Vulpine come up trumps again with a travel report from Budapest. This is how you sell with stories and keep a consistent tone of voice. Learn from them well!
The All Too Common Challenges with Open Source, Custom Ecommerce Website Design
While this post talks about “open source software”, the real insight is about looking after your code base, whether that be home-brewed or off-the-shelf. I’ve seen a couple of cases where the back-end of seemingly successful companies is so antiquated through lack of iteration, mistakes (both human and technical) can often occur. Make software do what it is good at, leaving the humans to add the personal touch e.g. copy writing.
The Customer is Always Right As Long As You Want Their Money
Ever find yourself complaining about your customers? Those customers are keeping you in business. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how the customer is always right as long as you expect and want their money. Remember that “the one who pays has the leverage.” Boom!
Designer Laïla von Alvensleben talks about her year working remotely for UX design agency Hanno. It’s not for everyone and can get lonely, but the right tools and practices can make it feel more human. I find a mix works best for me, but you do you!
Customer Experience Is A Culture Problem
Shared by Tom this week (thanks buddy!). Customer experience is an all-inclusive strategic alignment between the customer’s engagement expectations, brand promise and the company culture behind the brand. To win, CEOs must be maniacal about that alignment. 
A UX Legend On The Much-Rumored Death Of The Design Firm
Alan Cooper, the UX pioneer, argues that independent consultants offer one value you can never buy: perspective. The ability to see the bigger picture and give a largely unbiased opinion by being outside of the business can be a major force for good. Go external for business success!
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