Issue #25 - UX design, User Research and eCommerce

There's been an awakening. Have you felt it? Businesses are waking up to the fact that to stay in bus
Issue #25 - UX design, User Research and eCommerce
By Ross Chapman • Issue #25
There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? 
Businesses are waking up to the fact that to stay in business, you have to make users happy. If users aren’t happy, they’re angry. And anger leads to hate…
Empathy isn’t a buzzword: It’s a word used to describe an attitude we all need if we want to stay in business. Re-designs can often be the path to the dark side, ignoring previous learning and alienating your users with something new and unfamiliar. You need to unlearn what you have learned and start listening to users to understand their needs.
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UX Design
Ever wonder how to make products people love? Scott Hurff, product manager at Tinder, describes his view on user experience. “I had always wondered why I was annoyed that the ‘Done’ button was at the top of the phone, and to use it I had to contort my hand into some weird prop you’d see in Hook or something.” Ergonomics, pleasure and utility are all important when designing experiences people love.
Personalized experiences
Users expect more from the apps they use and companies have more data about users than ever before. This gives app creators opportunities to tailor the UX to better aid users. Sander Wehkamp asks us to think about the journey a user takes.
The last thing you need is a programmer
Remote UX studio Hanno don’t think you need a programmer to get your product out the door. TL:DR understand the problem, then the solution. Once you’ve done that, then build the thing.
User Research
Execs from Betaworks-backed Poncho, Mic and Complex Media explain how chat bots are trying to keep conversations from going completely off the rails. We don’t need a repeat of Tay.
Twitter's Bright Future in India’s Hands
Twitter is planning to set up separate servers for India to support and enhance traffic in regional languages like Hindi. That’s what understanding users is all about - putting their needs first.
User experience vs user journeys
What’s the difference between a user experience and a user journey? UX is a killer for jargon - but this one is worth understanding because even if the journey is good, the experience can still suck.
UX in eCommerce
I remember going on Photojojo many years ago. I can’t really remember why, but there was a buzz about the site. Offscreen have rather awesomely started putting their content on Medium and with this article talk to Amit Gupta about putting fun first, living with illness and making a living from the internet. “Ecommerce is hard. It’s harder than it was ten years ago, or even five years ago, and Amazon is a beast that even has companies like Walmart shivering.”
Online User Ratings Are Useless, But We Believe Them Anyway
I find this fascinating. Every eCommerce retailer has been encouraged to show user ratings. “The likelihood that an item with a higher user rating performs objectively better than an item with a lower user rating is only 57 percent.”
How to reduce Churn through better UX
A bad churn rate is like filling a leaky bucket: hard work will only regain what you lost, at the cost of actual growth. Stop losing customers with these tips.
The equivalent of a design super-group.  Josh Brewer, Frank Chimero, Tim Van Damme and crew are working together to make sense of all the apps we use to make design work more organized, documented and connected. Makes total sense! I’m using lots of apps to get stuff done, so I’m really interested to see what they’re working on. 
Project Include
True diversity is inclusive, comprehensive, and measurable. Project Include are building a community to share solutions on how to be more inclusive in business.
Watch J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda Rap ‘Jabba Flow’
This week we celebrated May the Fourth. J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda co-wrote a song to celebrate. “I went to a website that had all the Huttese glossary of terms and it translates as, ‘No, lover, lover. It wasn’t me,‘” Miranda told screaming the crowd. “It’s literally a Shaggy intergalactic remix.” Jabba.
Here's to keeping your Jabba flow!
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