Issue #24

Execution. It's all very well collecting great ideas, reading articles, going to conferences, writing
Issue #24
By Ross Chapman • Issue #24
Execution. It’s all very well collecting great ideas, reading articles, going to conferences, writing down notes and creating a huge backlog of things to work on, but if you don’t actually get on and execute, what’s the point?
“Everybody is able to make plans, but few people can implement them.” - Thiruvalluvar
This week, I’ve been considering all my wants and dreams - professionally and personally. Some ideas that just sit there, waiting to be worked on. They crowd my brain. To succeed, the spectator must become to practitioner!
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UX Design
Behind the scenes at Airbnb design. Not only have they put together their own design language, but they’ve created their own testing rig, where designers can test the mobile app on different devices and different languages - instantly! That kind of innovation brings tremendous gains when speed of delivery is paramount.
Bring your own team
Stripe are growing, but in a different way to most. As a test, they’re hiring not individual candidates, but teams, to work on Stripe’s services. I can see the advantage - a head start in getting the team working together well, but some challenges too - different teams work different. Interesting to see how this manifests in Stripe’s next iterations.
5 ways to improve your design presentations
Great tips even for seasoned designers. A great design may be great, but if you can’t communicate to the rest of your team why it is how it is, you can fail to get buy-in from key stakeholders. Andy Orsow describes how to present in this video from inVision.
User Research
Does a psychology background help with solving user needs? Undoubtedly. TL:DR one informs the other. 
Updating Peaks & Plains' website with a user-centric focus
Sigma is working with the housing association, Peaks and Plains, to update their website with additional sections to improve their customers’ user experience. Judging from the picture, they included the right users in user workshops to understand their needs. Great job!
Anticipatory Design: When There’s Too Much to Choose From
“The way digital design is headed, it’s no longer unreasonable for users to expect the interface to know and accurately predict our desired actions.” Personalisation is hot. Amazon have pretty much nailed it (generally), and everyone else is playing catch-up. Buy presenting users things we know they’ll be interested in and less general stuff, we give them fewer choices, which is a real usability improvement.
UX in eCommerce
A survey by Taylor Nelson Sofres found that customers cancel 70% of online purchases because of lack of trust. So how do you get and retain that trust? Also look at this article on a similar theme.
John Lewis investing £500m into eCommerce
Mixing bricks with clicks! John Lewis have invested £500 million into eCommerce, with online sales trends growing at a faster rate than expected. That investment will grow their IT team to 2,000 - that’s insane!
4 UX Hacks to Increase Online Sales
Are you doing everything you can to create a better shopping experience? Try these 4 UX hacks to really push the needle and drive more online sales. Quick tip: Less is more: limit choices and pre-fill forms.
It is the UX designer’s job to make the best experience possible—including all the parts of the experience that nobody thinks to design. That’s what makes for a world-class experience. From the 404 page to the attention you give to social media share buttons - it all increases trust and to a greater extent - respect.
VR Interface Design Manifesto
Only just discovered this. Mike Alger shared a declaration of intent for the research and design of user interfaces for ergonomic multitasking in virtual reality. I love the way he describes the future he wants to build with VR. He now works for Google btw.
The price of integrity: What it takes to say no and create the business and life you want
“My father said to me once that I’m at that golden age when people take me seriously, but still consider me young enough to be switched on and current.” I love this account from Katy Cowan, founding editor of Creative Boom and owner of Boomerang PR. Creating the life you want requires you to trust your head and your gut, adapt and not worry what others may think. Stellar advice!
Here's to implementing more than planning this week
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