Issue #20

Shipping late, but shipping great!I was fortunate to meet some really inspiring people last week in L
Issue #20
By Ross Chapman • Issue #20
Shipping late, but shipping great!
I was fortunate to meet some really inspiring people last week in London. From user experience designers to startup founders to agile teams.
One major thing that I took away was that I’ve got so much more to learn. From knowing which tools to use to solve specific problems, to working better with others and making the change I want to see.
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UX Design
Mimi Young
Mimi Young
“When visitors first come to a site, they most likely want to get a lay-of-the-land. Presenting bite-sized teaser content makes your offering scan-able and invites deeper engagement if/when the visitor sees fit.” Mimi Young talks about personalisation and giving users detailed content upon their own interest.
How to Prioritise Your UX Projects
I, like many others, face the challenge of addressing multiple usability issues across different areas of a business. A lot of what I do is about balancing the needs of the user with the needs of the business. Jakob Nielsen shares his view on how to prioritise user needs when there is so much to be done.
8 common dysfunctions of design teams
John Zeratsky, design partner at GV shares his techniques that teams can use to work better together. Culprits include communication across departments, unstructured group discussions and focus groups. Instead, ask individuals to work on their own, use voting to capture everyone’s opinions and set deadlines you can’t get out of.
For Andy Budd, “design thinking is essentially a combination of three things; abductive reasoning; concept modelling; and the use of common design tools to solve uncommon problems.”
User Research
How to get the wrong insights.
How to get the wrong insights.
“Wouldn’t it be so easy if users just told you want they wanted? Nope.” So when engaging with users, what should you do? When you ask a person what they want, you let them think within the realm of possibility - not the impossible. Charles Liu asks us to try something new.
Embracing Uncertainty in UX Research
“UX research as a field suffers from a deep sense of paranoia about not appearing scientific enough. You’re there to be an expert, right? You damn well better have answers when someone asks you questions.” Matt Gallivan raises the point that yes, you don’t have all the answers, so communicate what can and can’t be done. 
Quick, Fast Usability
Brad Dalrymple provides a quick way to understand and validate hypotheses to pave the way for constant and consistent testing. Every start up (and project) should be testing its ideas from the very beginning to even understand if the product is viable.
UX in eCommerce
Want to know a secret to gaining competitive advantage? Improving your eCommerce website usability. Here are three web design tips to help.
11 Reasons Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Online Shopping Carts
Young Entrepreneur Council asked 11 people “What’s one thing I’m doing wrong if my e-commerce business frequently sees customers abandon their shopping carts?” Answers range from not having Live Chat to Free Shipping to friction from users to pay. Get testing!
4 Ways to Merge Online and Offline for Retailers
Successful retailers have a mix of online and in-store - look at Rapha, John Lewis and Apple. Merging that experience can create a journey which will drive sales, engagement and loyalty.
Jon Baines
Jon Baines
Suffice to say, I now really want a Sony RX100 to ride with!
15 inspiring quotes from some of the world's greatest graphic designers
“The simpler the idea the better. It could break ground and it could defy physics but as long as the idea is super simple enough that I can tell my Mum, then that’s a great idea.” Great quotes from some of the world’s greatest designers.
Things I Wish I Knew Before Working at a Startup
Tiffany Sun (whom I met many many years ago!) who is now at Rabbut asks startup founders “what’s one piece of advice you’d give people who plan on working at a startup?” There’s a lot to weigh up. I like this one from Ben Wiener: “Remember that the lows — and even sometimes the highs- are often temporary anomalies.”
Enough lipstick on pigs
I’ve just gone through the Keynote Tom Loosemore presented at Web Directions 2015 in Sydney, Australia. I was pretty familiar with the notions presented, but the post-credits section is, well, mind-blowing! Tom encourages us to imagine government if you could start today, from scratch.
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"Best slide at #clarity2016. I approve of @brad_frost's tactics" - Rachel Nabors
"Best slide at #clarity2016. I approve of @brad_frost's tactics" - Rachel Nabors
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