Issue #2

The difficult second issue! This week I've focused on teams - it's best to do stuff with each other!
Issue #2
By Ross Chapman • Issue #2
The difficult second issue! This week I’ve focused on teams - it’s best to do stuff with each other! I’ve also been talking to lots of UX tool providers and should have a post about that next time - some I’ve never found before now!
The Paris attacks have been devastating and has definitely had me thinking about what’s important.
Here’s to making the most of every day.  

Ever find yourself explaining to your boss or to clients why UX is important? Jonathan Beckman wrote a fantastic article on the InVision blog about it. Did you know that 94% of the factors that affect a user’s first impression of your product are design-related? Nor did I. Essential reading.
Keeping UX simple with anticipatory design
Ever see “Recommended For You” on some shopping websites? Anticipatory design is about being one step ahead of the user. Richard Howe digs deeper…
The art of iterating quickly
At Feedly, they think that feedback from users is a gift. I’d agree! This is a cracking post showing how they have organized their design process to absorb, structure and iterate. Go to it!
One from me. Data-driven decisions. Buzzword or real thing? I look at what we can accomplish in a ux setting.
User Research
I sometimes follow trends to make designs more intuitive. Zoltan Kollin however, has some data to say, amongst other things - avoid the hamburger menu - it’s less intuitive than showing the menu. Better to approach key areas of interaction head-on than to hide them away!
Mistakes People Make When Writing Usability Tasks
How to avoid making those same usability mistakes in every project. User Brain is quickly becoming one of my favourite UX blogs - and those illustrations are awesome!
Did you know there are more than a couple of usability tests? They all have something in common, but test for differences as well. Read up!
Productivity & Mindset
The UX Unicorn does exist - that person that can do it all, but you don’t actually need one to build your one epic UX team.
The 15 Best UX Podcasts to Keep You on Top of Your Game
I’ve been thinking about how I can share what I’ve learned as a UX designer and also have an opportunity to learn from others. For now though, here’s a number of podcasts to keep you inspired!
Just found a beta of a new tool to test your UI - fast! Claiming to get usability analytics before you even touch a piece of code. This might be useful for you if you’re using Sketch or Photoshop to prototype your apps.
When I heard about this adventure, I wanted to do it immediately, but only yesterday caught the video - looks so sweet! Watch Hunt Wheels’ Josh Ibbett and ambassador Hamish Paine’s 600 mile cycle across Europe to Eurobike. Can I join you guys next year?!
The UK is testing out roads that charge electric cars as they go
Electric cars are cool, right? Well, the UK may see more of them if this electric charging lane in the UK takes off (via Tiny Spark)!
The Blaze Burner - the best back light for bikes by Emily Brooke
Emily Brooke set out to create the ultimate back light - focusing on performance, safety and simplicity. I think she’s done it!
Get lit or get hit
Had to share this (yes, more cycling!). Venice Beach, which served as a US hippy hub of the 1960s, is now seeing dozens of locals cruising its boardwalk late at night with brightly glowing rides. Get lit or get hit!
Emoji are now used in around half of every sentence on sites like Instagram and some claim it may event become a new language. (Aubergine).
Here's to making a dent in the universe!
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