Issue #19

Just prepping this issue before the Easter holidays!Last week's issue resonated well on the subject o
Issue #19
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Just prepping this issue before the Easter holidays!
Last week’s issue resonated well on the subject of designing for gender diversity. I feel like there’s more to do, but then isn’t our mission to improve and iterate?
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UX Design
UX in Action: Lyft
GDS and gender diversity at conferences and events
User Research
The best way to research your next web project
Don't let good CX get lost in translation - 3 tips on localization
UX in eCommerce
The Rules of Ecommerce UX
21 Expert Opinions On eCommerce Checkout
Matt Mullenweg of Automattic
Matt Mullenweg of Automattic
First impressions with Adobe Experience Design
Remote Teams: Good for Your Company or a Productivity Nightmare?
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