Issue #13

We're nearly 50-strong in issue #13. Unlucky for some, but not for me - thank you for reading!The not
Issue #13
By Ross Chapman • Issue #13
We’re nearly 50-strong in issue #13. Unlucky for some, but not for me - thank you for reading!
The notion of the “design sprint” is taking hold of the digital design industry.  It’s the method of exercising design thinking and getting iterative and measurable design done quickly to improve businesses.
Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. Design Thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer) - ref.
Design thinking is a business strategy. Businesses that have a strong design culture use design thinking to get things done. The design sprint, originating from Google Ventures, is simply “a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers”.
Learning about the design sprint has really opened my eyes to new possibilities. As a designer, I can design solutions faster, be more transparent and rely on less meeting room decisions and more user feedback decisions. For a primer, check out this first link in this weeks insights from Laïla von Alvensleben, where she shares the design sprint planner from agency Hanno.
Here’s to designing better, faster and always, always learning.

UX Design
It’s been a pleasure this past week talking to Laïla von Alvensleben from design agency Hanno about conducting design sprints with a remote team. When a team that lists clients like Uber and Lenovo, you’ve got to take notice. Watch the webinar here to learn how they work with clients and start delivering real change within the first week of working.
You can’t do user experience design without touching the surface
“In summary, I think distinguishing UX design from UI design is nonsense. Because you cannot practice design without sketching and prototyping. And you cannot sketch and prototype a software product without touching its surface.” A view from Kars Alfrink. Design has many facets, and it’s important not to silo them off.
UX design tips for your app - InVision Blog
Clark Wimberly of inVision writes “a gorgeous app with poor UX isn’t a gorgeous app—it’s an invitation to frustration”. First impressions through on-boarding are vital - it’s win or lose with users. What can you do to eradicate pain points?
First steps at establishing a user-centred design culture
One from me! I’ve started blogging from my little corner of the internet. Here, I talk about how to start getting the business interested in ux design and how to start instigating a culture-shift to a stronger design culture.
User Research
One of the world’s preeminent graphic designers didn’t know graphic design was a thing, until it was! The jargon that litters the design industry (and especially in UX) becomes a barrier between designers and stakeholders. Use plain words instead of fancy words.
Design Psychology: How To Combine Neuroscience and Design To Engage Your Audience – Design School
I’m fascinated by people. What they believe, how they think and what drives them. Andrew Tate looks at how people understand websites - it’s not all F-patterns and examples of social proof.
How to Grow From Exposure to User Feedback in 3 Simple Steps
User feedback is the oxygen needed for iterative design. You will build better products by watching other people using them! Here’s 3 simple steps to get started.
UX in eCommerce
I’ve ignored hover states for a while - as you don’t experience them on touch devices that account for more than 50% of eCommerce visits. That said, they can contribute to a good user experience on computers. Choosing colours and seeing models wear the clothes engages users further - worth a look!
98% Of Your Paid Ads Are A Colossal Waste of Money
Last week, I watched the Unbounce Landing Page Sessions as I’m starting to learn about the traffic that hits the experiences we design to understand more about the full user journey. Oli Gardner talked about message matching a lot - TL:DR: keep the message and imagery the same all the way through the campaign!
Tracking native mobile apps is tricky. inapptics solves that problem with visual flows, heat maps and crash recordings. Love to try this out!
Shopping Cart Abandonment: Why Online Retailers Are Losing 67.45% of Sales and What to Do About It
Shopping cart abandonment causes online retailers a great deal of pain. Here’s why shoppers leave without paying and what to do about it.
Checkout abandonment is the number 1 problem within eCommerce businesses. Fastr say they can reduce dropouts in your funnel from 73% to 33%. Think I better get myself a demo!
Steve Baskerville notes that “often I find that retailers have launched a website, dressed it to the best of their ability and think that’s the end of it.” While I don’t know much about the iBike platform, his thinking is sound. Like the American college football player Joe Paterno said “if you’re not getting better you’re getting worse.”
Elon Musk shared this video on Twitter on Wednesday. It’s a promo video for the Tesla where, like true artists, they share their vision of a better world. A world without oil and gas. It’s a remarkable film made more enjoyable through the sampling of an original speech by Nikola Tesla.
Introducing Vector Networks
Figma are building a in-browser design tool. Really interested to see how this develops as they seem to be ripping up the rulebook on everything. Here, they dissect the pen tool.
Sir Martin Sorrell on digital, cost-cutting and client-agency relationships
I listened to Sir Martin Sorrell on Desert Island Discs and enjoyed listening to his story. Here, he talks about digital transformation in the marketing services industry. The article notes that he “believes that the vulnerability of many traditionally successful agencies stems from their failure to move into digital as rapidly as possible”.
Super awesome! Live chat with customers is very important - especially when they want to ask a question before making that all-important purchase! Chatlio is a chat client, that not only looks awesome, has handy features such as screengrabbing, but is integrated with Slack!
Thanks for reading! Here's to sprinting to successful projects!
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