Issue #12

Over 40 subscribers! Thank you for supporting this mailshot - it gives me hope that what I'm sharing
Issue #12
By Ross Chapman • Issue #12
Over 40 subscribers! Thank you for supporting this mailshot - it gives me hope that what I’m sharing is useful and actionable within all your different fields of work.
This week I’ve been thinking about challenge and challenging others to think broader. It surprises me how, when asked, organisations shout loudly about being user-centered and being passionate about UX, but when you dive a bit deeper, you find design decisions and assumptions about users are made in meeting rooms with little interaction with users. I’m making inroads by sketching and prototyping solutions quickly to get user feedback. The next challenge is getting users to vote with their clicks and taps on whether they are better solutions!
Here’s to challenging the norm and always, always asking questions.

UX Design
UX Patterns of the Future: Anticipatory Design
Anticipatory design is a fairly new UX pattern that seeks to entirely remove user choice from the equation. See how Expedia, Nest, Digit, and others are doing it today.
UX Timeline, back to the past!
A level-up from using The Wayback Machine: UX timeline shows how popular websites evolved from their internet beginning. My personal favourite is Dropbox, who didn’t launch with a service or product, but rather a video - an example of an MVP I’ve shared in some of my talks.
The 11 digital tools I use every week as Head of Product
“It is a thrilling era to develop digital products. There are so many tools available” writes Pascal Briod. What fascinates me isn’t so much the new tools, but how some established companies are resistant to trying them. Their loss! Usability Hub is a new one for me - I’ll be checking that out over the next couple of weeks.
Andy Budd shares his view on the title “UX designer” and what’s next. I can’t help but agree with what he is saying. Is “Product Designer” the new kid on the block? My take: titles mean little compared to output - go create!
User Research
From Airbnb: The Real Value Of UX Research
“In the current digital product landscape, UX research’s real value is in helping to reduce uncertainty. And while that’s not as sexy as knowing everything about everything, there’s great value in it. In fact, it’s critical. It also has the added bonus of being honest.” Great learning here. Half my job is challenging my colleagues and educating them about our users. Less decisions made in the boardroom and more made with users!
How Philips Optimizes Their Global Website With User Feedback
How do Philips use feedback for optimization? From A-B testing to surveys to learning things quickly, Philips seems to have modernised its approach to user research. Will others follow suit? 
UX in E-commerce
Existing customers are always cheaper and easier to sell to than gaining new. Userbrain looks at improving website conversion by giving repeat customers an express lane to Buy Now. Saving credit card details and using Wishlists encourage repeat business. Have you considered that user journey?
How to Recover 22% of Your Abandoned Carts and Boost Revenue by 9%
Just today I’ve found Lemonstand, a modern, customisable e-commerce platform, with loads of cool integrations with Stripe and Optimizely amongst others. Here, author Jordan Gal talks about one of the biggest problems in e-commerce - Abandoned Carts and how to boost revenue. One to bookmark!
12 screenshots from online shops. - Shots of Shops
Shots of Shops is an interesting project that UX designers like me can start using to notice patterns in e-commerce design. Rapha, Van Hawks, adidas and Canyon are in there, with email and web screenshots captured by Thomas Stegelmann and friends.
Designing your site to encourage repeat business will have a tremendous impact on your website’s conversion rate. Here are 4 simple steps to start…
Loved watching this. Dave Brown is a social media, experience-driven guru shaping the future of what it means to work. He’s not only had a varied and fun life, but he’s rolled with the punches, tried lots and had many adventures. One Creative Mornings talk you need to watch!
Craft by InVision LABS
InVision are unstoppable at the moment! Craft is a set of tools from their newly formed Labs team and helps designers use real data in their designs - WIN! This was one of Adobe Project Comet’s main features! :) 
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