Issue #11

Thank you for following and welcome new subscribers!This week I've started to get my mojo back, after
Issue #11
By Ross Chapman • Issue #11
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This week I’ve started to get my mojo back, after the darkness of early January. Ideas are forming and plans are being put in motion.
I’ve been keen to work-up solutions quickly this week. Whether it is a critical part in a shopping journey, or understanding the landing pages that customers go to (and why), I believe going with your best guess, and then seeing it get proved right or wrong (either through A-B testing, or just taking the risk of going live with it), you’re still learning (and can still rollback!). Iterating is the name of the game here.
Here’s to building things quickly, measuring and learning!

UX Design
Knowing the time to stop sketching and start coding is key. In my meetings with stakeholders, I find that they really need to see a coded prototype - there’s too much to guess with a sketch, but sketching is great in the ideation stage. Ryan Singer from Basecamp agrees saying “The purpose of making sketches and mockups before coding is to gain confidence in what we plan to do.”
UX Fears from a former Webmaster
Lots of insights from Medium this week! I started off as a webmaster, then web designer, then a digital designer, and now as a user experience designer. Amsterdam based UXer Dean Birkett talks about webmasters: “Companies knew they needed one, but they didn’t really know what one was.” The same can be said for some UX designers (and some companies I’ve worked for!). Good to know that there’s still a lot of work to do!
2015 UX Industry Survey Report
See what over 7,700+ professionals are saying about UX: what their current situations are, the direction their user experiences are taking in 2016. TL:DR: It’s not going away - quite the opposite.
Make Design Decisions with a Purpose
The more we work on a product, the less we are like our users. UX Booth demonstrates how to get out of the cycle that you know best and how to start being unbiased in design decision making.
User Research
Next month I’m speaking at Digital Hampshire about UX Design Hacks. Articles like this show me that we need simple ways of improving and measuring user experience. Here’s a few “No fuss research methods that can be implemented to improve a products usability.”  
Combining UX Design And Psychology To Change User Behavior
Have you ever wondered why your users do not interact with your product the way you hope? Smashing Magazine does a deep dive - they also talk about bikes!
Remote UX Testing
I’m enjoying the content coming out of What Users Do - makes me want to use their product! Their 7 UX principles are all gold. Customer-centricity means that you can work up prototypes and talk to real users - not make decisions within your business in the board room.
A few words of advice to brain pickers
Another Basecamp post - ha! Knowing how to ask for meetings is a fine art. Acknowledge that you’re asking for someones time and expertise and make it easier for them to say “yes”! Jason Fried shares a breakdown of what you actually mean by asking for that 15 minute meeting.
Facebook's New And Improved Like Button Is Coming “In The Next Few Weeks"
Reactions will enhance Facebook’s classic Like button with emoji responses that convey emotions ranging from anger to awe.
A collection of the Best Year in Review pages from 2015. A review of the year, through the Annual Reports of the biggest brands in the world.
6 Ways Cycling Improves Your Sex Life
Research shows that riding your bike regularly can give you an edge in the bedroom. “Exercise is energizing, so you’re less likely to be too tired to tango.” Good to know!
Email tracking, automation, and enhancements for Google Inbox
If, like me, you’ve switched to Google Inbox, and you’ve lost your favourite productivity extensions - try Mixmax. Tracking, Send Later and Templates - you can be a modern email wizard once more!
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