If I rest, I rust ⛲️ #71

Davie Bell was a pioneering off road cyclist and tourer/randonneur. His motto was "if I rest, I rust.
If I rest, I rust ⛲️ #71
By Ross Chapman • Issue #71
Davie Bell was a pioneering off road cyclist and tourer/randonneur. His motto was “if I rest, I rust.”
If I rest, I rust. Looking back at my career to date, I find I reach a point where I’m not as engaged as I first was. Why? Because I’m resting and I’m not learning and growing. To grow, you need nutrition. That comes in the form of a team that challenges you, people to learn from and inspiration in and out of work. 
This quote from Steve Jobs also helps:
“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”
Are you resting or rusting?
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UX design 🙋
Design Sprint Kit
Are you agile or Agile? Do you run sprints or Sprints? With design, try Design Sprints. Here’s a helpful kit from Google to kick things off.
Are personas ruining your product?
I haven’t been a huge advocate of personas, but I do find their worth when sharing with stakeholders. I agree though that they shouldn’t be used in place of talking to real, actual users. Here’s some food for thought.
It starts with words — why copywriting matters
Are words just words? No. They’re a vital part of a user experience. Use them properly.
eCommerce 💳
British retailers lead the way in mobile eCommerce
The sample reveals that 62% of retailers have an online shop. That means 38% don’t. GOLDMINE.
Digital leadership: why change management is key to eCommerce success
Where did the Marks & Spencer website launch go wrong? Econsultancy lifts the lid. My take? Some leaders don’t understand the internet and furthermore, the effect design plays in buying decisions.
About Amazon - 2016 Letter to Shareholders
I always find these letters very interesting. Leaders that understand their business deeply. True customer obsession!
Cycling 🚴
Cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease, says study
Study of 250,000 UK commuters shows walking is good too, but suggests two wheels are best. YES!
A solitary 500km
Since Mike Hall’s tragic death (noted two issues ago), some riders have felt inspired to be #BeMoreMike. This is Grace’s account (awesome ✌️)
The demise of the Davie Bell memorial race (which this issue takes its title) has led to a fitting tribute to the legendary Scottish cyclist
Coolness 😎
Illustrating a more human brand (part 1)
Illustration is a massive skill and is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in projects to explain things better. Dropbox design lifts the lid on their process.
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I was part of a really interesting conversation on  Twitter yesterday about the role “taste” plays in designing for users. My fave quote from that conversation?:
If you must make something, make it useful. If you make it useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful. 
Clear the rust and learn because you must!
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