🙏 How not to fail 🙏 - Issue #58

7 out of 8 digital transformation projects result in failure, according to Forbes (great share Nomens
🙏 How not to fail 🙏 - Issue #58
By Ross Chapman • Issue #58
7 out of 8 digital transformation projects result in failure, according to Forbes (great share Nomensa!). So how can we deliver more successful design projects?
I enjoyed listening to GatherContent’s webinar with Sarah Richards yesterday, and then Mural’s webinar with Jeff Gothelf, the day before. Sarah gave some great advice about how to resolve conflict within content design projects, taking people along on a journey and using Job Stories to work towards meeting user needs. In his Lean UX workshop, Jeff shared his workflow and spoke about how to create a culture of continuous learning (new book out soon!).
How do you succeed in projects? You keep learning. Do less wasteful work. Meet success criteria. Meet user needs.
-  Ross

UX design 🙋
Good UX designers must be fighters
We have a name for it in design circles, it’s affectionately called design by committee, and it is our kryptonite. Take a similarly feared phrase in engineering circles, Tech debt, and multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever, and you barely have a glimpse of how feared design by committee is for designers.
Andrew Doherty explains a culture I’m all to familiar with. There is a difference between collaboration and design by committee. 
You should really listen to Sarah Richards talk about running a content design crit where she describes creating a safe environment to talk about the thing, not the people making the thing. Keeping the focus on making the product better is more productive and if you find any stakeholders disrupting the flow of the project, revert to the Job Story you’re trying to fulfil.
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5 ways to get qualitative feedback from your existing users
More than ever, and less than tomorrow, the User is at the center of every product strategy.
The Problem with Digital Transformation
The objective should not be a digital transformation, it should be an experience transformation.
I find that a lot of problems arise from lack of knowledge. That’s why continuous learning is key to everyone. Do your stakeholders know exactly what you’re building and how you’re going to measure success?
eCommerce 💳
How Artificial Intelligence is transforming eCommerce marketing
Designing with data is unavoidable if you want to compete.
As retail and commerce sales numbers from the holiday season begin to trickle in, enterprising CMOs and marketers are now re-thinking how they engage and convert across channels using smarter marketing automation technology
Be sure to measure the right thing too. So many people I see look at bounce rate and traffic, whereas conversion and where people drop out directly corresponds to business success.
How To Be Smart About Your 2017 E-commerce Goals
Whenever you are looking to set goals, whether for eCommerce or any other part of your business, it makes sense to be SMART. Plan your 2017 e-commerce strategy following these guidelines
Usage KPIs Surpass Most Business KPIs
Conversion & Retention are a consequence of the usability of a Product. Maxime Urien writes about how to define, action and learn from meaningful usage KPIs for better performance.
Cycling 🚴
Excitement Builds at Rodford Built Transport Cycles
Rodford Built, a cargo bicycle company in Bristol, are currently producing something very exciting - a box bike designed and built in the UK. I’ve been talking to Rob about it on Twitter and can’t wait to see the first few roll out of the workshop and on to the roads!
The Transcontinental
“Perhaps it goes back to the connection you have with the riders, the human aspect of it. That’s what’s compelling. It’s almost that the riding and the bikes aren’t particularly important, instead it’s the profound personal insight provided by the participants on social media, juxtaposed with the paucity of ‘conventional’ coverage. You’re forced to fill in the gaps.”
Joshua Cunningham explores the history of one of the most extreme endurance races. Just look at those landscapes!
2017 New Year's Resolution: Cycle more & save money!
I’m not one for resolutions particularly, but this certainly appeals. Cut the cost of running your car, cut out gym membership costs & cut public transport costs. All is possible by cycling a bike, no matter the commute distance!
Coolness 😎
7 Ways to Slow Down So You Can Actually Get More Done!
You don’t have to multitask. In fact, context switching between projects leads to waste. Jeff Gothelf notes:
Context switching, prioritization, additional email churn, etc – often end up costing much more than the added productivity multiple assignments seems to bring.
Slow down, work on less projects and get more done!
How to travel the world with no money – by people who have done it
Three adventurers share their advice on cash-free journeys around the globe, and reveal the highs and lows of the challenge
Addicted to Your iPhone? You’re Not Alone
Tristan Harris believes Silicon Valley is addicting us to our phones. He’s determined to make it stop.
Also, if you haven’t seen the Simon Sinek video on millennials in the workplace, you should! 
Here's to not failing, by learning!
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