🔔 Establish a routine 🔔 Issue #57

Now most of us are back at work after a long break, I personally find it a good opportunity to look a
🔔 Establish a routine 🔔 Issue #57
By Ross Chapman • Issue #57
Now most of us are back at work after a long break, I personally find it a good opportunity to look at honing my routine.
This starts at home. One thing I do now is charge my phone in the living room. This means that I can relax in the evening and in the morning when I wake, my first thought isn’t about who has contacted me, it’s let’s get a brew on! ☕️
At work, I’m trying to clarify what all those meetings are meant to achieve in the week. Do I need to be at them? Are there action points and people responsible to carry them out?
Putting structure in my life means that I can, over the long term, iterate to improve! Check out how other people hack their routines for more ideas.
Thank you for supporting this issue going into 2017.

UX design 🙋
Free customer journey mapping templates, service blueprint and customer experience map examples
These blueprints are something I stumbled upon this week. Usually, I plot out with the team the journey a user would typically make, but this template highlights questions such as “what if a user wants to return an item they’ve bought” and other stages that they would go through. I wonder if this could be brought together with Jobs To Be Done, to tell us how to go about improving them? Interesting stuff. 
What UX Designers Can Learn from Psychology
I’m fascinated by behaviour and if I could do a course on anything right now, it would likely be about Psychology.
Learning more about psychology can help designers learn about how people make decisions, form habits and understand content. 
Updating the Wayfindr Open Standard
The new version of the Wayfindr Open Standard is out, designed to “open up a world where vision impaired people are no longer held back by their sight loss.” Great to see ustwo innovating in this space.
eCommerce 💳
Free delivery and returns are unsustainable for many entrepreneurs, who are turning away from offering online shopping
This article is more about bricks and mortar stores having an online presence, rather than pure-play online or online with some stores (or clubhouses!). It tackles the tricky subject of handling returns. On a survey, “58% said a retailer’s returns policy has an effect on their decision to make a purchase online – but not one that they want to pay for.”
2016 in experimentation
Mats Einarsen highlights the importance of any successful design having data at its core:
A “great” design which produces bad outcomes — low engagement, little utility, few downloads, indifference on the part of the target market — should be regarded as a failure.
On the flip-side, a design that doesn’t in some way take a risk or align to a value not determined by data (e.g. a brand value) should also be tried. Luckily, most of these things can be A-B tested.
5 New Year’s resolutions for small ecommerce businesses
Small online business owners and eCommerce pros share their digital to-dos for 2017. Top tip: study your mobile experience - that’s usually where the biggest opportunity lies. The last two items I bought on my phone used Apple Pay. Pleasing for the customer and incredibly friction-free!
Cycling 🚴
Queen of the Mountains
Alicia Bamford’s cycle-wear brand for women has an awesome new collection out. “The Col de l’Iseran Collection” is a thoughtful, well-considered and beautiful range which works very well together. Collect them all!
Ideas for better retail: Life hacking, consultancy and being aware of local closures
A piece by cyclingindustry.news about how to create a better experience in-store, acknowledging that online takes the lion’s share of customers attention and money. Time to clear some of those bikes and put in a coffee machine!
Rapha | 17 for 2017
It’s been a hard year to beat (at least for this British fan), but we have big objectives for Rapha in the coming year as well. Here are 17 of them.
I really enjoyed Simon Mottram’s Sixteen for 2016. Sharing a roadmap at the beginning of the year is risky and so open - I love it! Here he comments on Rapha’s plans this year. What are yours?
Coolness 😎
A billion possibilities in your pocket
In 1973 Arthur C. Clarke pointed out that any sufficiently advanced technology is going to be indistinguishable from magic. We live in times of real magic. Tim LeRoy of Dootrix looks into his crystal ball 🔮
dootrix.com  •  Share
Alan Watts - The Beauty of Nothingness
Found this linked by Kevin Rose. Alan Watts was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known for bringing eastern philosophy to the west.
Have a listen.
Tobias van Schneider › The Anti New Years Resolutions
Tobias, like some, don’t like New Years Resolutions. Here’s what he does instead.
Establish a good routine to humanise the machine!
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