Drive digital transformation 💻 #73

Businesses leveraging digital are going to accelerate their growth. And as we learnt from last week's
Drive digital transformation 💻 #73
By Ross Chapman • Issue #73
Businesses leveraging digital are going to accelerate their growth. And as we learnt from last week’s issue, errors using inadequate data are much less than using no data at all. 
Research suggests that only 7% of incumbent businesses have yet become ‘fully digital,’ and a lot of that is about becoming more customer-centric, not just in design, but in overall strategy.
It’s incredibly hard to do. Even Co-op, who are leading digital transformation of a 173-year-old organisation are under pressure.
Are you embracing digital? I’d love to know.
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UX design 🙋
How a fast-paced agency tuned their design process to a hum
For the Clique Studios design team, it’s all about ownership and collaboration. TL:DR: Establish a design process that allows for collaboration and ownership simultaneously.
10 Principles to Drive Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is a huge challenge for incumbent businesses. Companies must transform to face new realities, or die a slow death. Here are 10 principles to getting ahead.
Getting aligned with a Membership service map
In design, we’ve been taught to use boards and bring people together physically, but how does that scale across locations? Co-op Digital have a solution they’re working on for that.
eCommerce 💳
5 Ways CRO Can Improve Your E-commerce Performance
If your business is focused on the offer of goods or services, then the chances are that your main business goal will be to accumulate revenue in order make a profit. Here’s how to improve that.
Tracking Shopping Cart Abandonment in Google Analytics
Cart abandonment is a major problem for eCommerce stores, but with Google Analytics you can see where your site is leaking sales and test ways to fix it.
Cycle clothing brand Vulpine is "insolvent" and enters administration
Vulpine is “insolvent” & enters administration. So sad to hear this. I’ll treasure my Vulpine clothing forever, but I’ll miss the company and the culture that made it possible. I hope they get some good news soon!
Cycling 🚴
Routes with Komoot
I rode to Devon last Bank Holiday Sunday to surprise my friend Mark for his birthday. I found it tough going, but massively rewarding. It wouldn’t have been possible without Komoot’s awesome turn-by-turn navigation and route planning app. Check it out if your Garmin keeps failing on you!!
Also, my custom My Wild Love steel ride didn’t disappoint. With many miles under its tyres, and this being the longest ride so far, I’ve had no mechanicals and no punctures - an incredible machine!
Let's rescue Britain's forgotten 1930s protected cycleways by Carlton Reid
Carlton Reid is raising funds for “Let’s rescue Britain’s forgotten 1930s protected cycleways on Kickstarter!” He’s right: We should revive Britain’s long-lost 1930s cycleways (there were 280-miles of them). Many were buried, some are hidden in plain sight. Watch the video to get the low-down - I find it absolutely fascinating!
Global Bike to Work Day
I’ll be cycling to work on Thursday. Will you?
Coolness 😎
Designer Leo Porto on how to move from student intern to studio star
Following internships at Sub Rosa, Mother, Pentagram and Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, in 2015 Brazilian designer Leo Porto managed to land the kind of first job most design students can only dream of, at leading New York agency Collins.
Twitter Is Failing in Exactly the Ways It Predicted
Twitter is failing on growing its user base, advertising revenue and competition, but it’s doing better in other areas. 
When I was a kid, my social network was called 'outside'
Work experience student Millie explains social media and where it’s at.
Here's to transforming how you work to stay in business!
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