Don't forget the "U" in "UX" 👩‍🚀 #81

In a bid to improve our design process, I've been evaluating each part and this week, I've been looki
Don't forget the "U" in "UX" 👩‍🚀 #81
By Ross Chapman • Issue #81
In a bid to improve our design process, I’ve been evaluating each part and this week, I’ve been looking at UX audits - sometimes the first engagement we have with our partners.
Up until recently, we’ve been doing these in Sketch and each one was pretty bespoke, but it took time and they started to mount up (as our UX audits are proving quite popular!).
Sometimes we get too involved in the design process that we don’t take a step back and understand what we’re trying to achieve. In our case, perfecting something that really only needed 60 minutes of effort.
Iterating doesn’t have to be confined to just client work.
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Digital product design 👨‍💻
A Mindful Design Process
Discipline is one thing excited designers can often struggle with. François Chartrand, Product Designer at Headspace talks about designing with intent and how sometimes, the biggest hurdle in any creative process is beginning.
My Journey into Product Design
Claudio Vallejo recently moved from Mexico to New York to join Managed by Q as a product designer. 
I believed my mission as a designer was to make things ‘beautiful’ (where I defined what ‘beautiful’ was). This approach worked well for graphic design and animation projects, but as I started working on my first web projects, I began to experience it’s limitations
That’s because product design isn’t art.
Design Systems Are a Language. Product Is a Conversation
Design and code represent the same thing and therefore must be connected. But should designers code? 😂
User research 🙋
Creating Personas
The first thing a good UX Designer should tell you about creating a persona is that if you just blindly follow a template, you have missed the point. 
Oops - was going to look at making a template next week! To be honest, there’s a lot of value in this post, but starting with a template can speed up the process (that’s all I’m saying!).
The when and where of product feedback
Getting quality customer feedback is essential to building a great product. Focus on when and where in your product the feedback came from.
RedEye asks are you getting the most out of your Usability Testing?
I once went to RedEye for a job interview around 8 years ago - crazy! 
50% of company respondents rated usability testing as highly valuable in improving conversion rates.
Cycling 🚴
British Cycling say Highway Code rule change could cut traffic queues by almost half
Highway Code rule change could cut traffic queues by half. Worth trialling don’t you think?  •  Share
Buy better locks, say police at cycle theft conference
“Cycle owners should spend at least ten percent of the value of their bikes on locks”
Makes total sense. I carry one D-Lock and one chain. Both gold rated and both by Hiplok!
"Would you let your loved ones cycle here?," asks new Cycling Embassy of Great Britain tool
Cycling campaigners at the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have launched a new tool to assist advocates in demonstrating just how poor conditions for safe travel by bike can be.
This campaign works! That measly little cycle lane on the road isn’t good enough. Segregate!
Coolness 😎
This Email From Elon Musk to Tesla Employees Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence
When the going gets tough, true leaders take action. Here’s Elon Musk taking the lead.  •  Share
The Wild West of Virtual Reality Design
My daughter is getting really into designing for VR - great when she’s just 9 years old. Great for her to have some role models like the awesome Timoni West!
How These Remote Workers Convinced Their Bosses And Clients They Can Work From Anywhere
I’ve been working 3 days on-site at clients and 1.5 days in the studio. I know that the only policy to get the team working well together is to work remote-first. That requires, most of all - discipline!
Here's to actually putting the user first!
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