Designers can sell too 🤑 #83

It's been a while since I sent my first proposal for a design project. Luckily, times have changed an
Designers can sell too 🤑 #83
By Ross Chapman • Issue #83
It’s been a while since I sent my first proposal for a design project. Luckily, times have changed and instead of proposing how to do the work, we can start DOING the work in a Requirements Workshop. They look something like this.
Proposals feel like procrastination. It’s busy-work, “a way to avoid making hard decisions” - a quote I ripped from Jonathan Courtney.
So designers - you can sell too - in the form of workshops. There is no set method of engaging with clients so why not design that as well?
Thank you for supporting this issue.
- Ross
note: Design, eCommerce (selling!) and Cycling this week. Always trying to give you value - what do you want to see more of?

User-centred design 👨‍💻
When Should We Ignore Criticism?
A post for another time, but I’m starting to find a difference in designers. They’re either more visual artists or UX/UI designers. That’s a very different distinction. Anyway, Tanner Christensen talks about the importance of design critiques. Mike Davidson, former VP of Design at Twitter puts it like this: “You should treat your critiques as investigations or explorations and not conclusions.”
This Remote Design Company Uses Slack Bots To Recreate The Human Experience
“When you’re working remotely, it’s easy to forget that people aren’t just there to execute tasks. That they’re people with lives, with ups and downs, and they’re just human beings.
GOLD from Hanno. Thanks for sharing Laïla!
Design Sprint Shorts: episode 9
An alternative to the experience mapping activity, you can compile quantitative and qualitative data to build personas during a Design Sprint. I’ve mentioned in the past that personas can be done poorly - Fresh Tilled Soil show here how to do them better.
Design Sprint Short - episode 9: Personas - YouTube
Design Sprint Short - episode 9: Personas - YouTube
eCommerce 💳
7 eCommerce Sins That Stop Customers Purchasing
Think to your own experience of buying online. Actually, better yet, do some user testing to discover those hangups. Then A-B test solutions (if you’ve got good enough traffic). There’s a lot of good learning to do by improving the experience each month.
BREATHE. We Make Websites looks at the 7 sins that eCommerce businesses are making. Hidden fees is a big one - considering that you only get a good idea of delivery costs towards the end of the journey.
If you want any tips yourself, email me directly [email protected] 👍
China’s ecommerce market to pass $1.1tn in 2017
That’s a big number! Mobile optimised experiences are the biggest driver and for users getting more comfortable with buying on mobile.
People in other countries do this too! More often than not the best customers downloaded the app and often make high-value purchases on mobile. Learn from your best customers, but design for your next customers 🔥
5 Ways Designers Should Develop Empathy
I’m so empathetic right now! You’ll do well to treat people as humans, rather than anything else. Ezequiel Bruni explores how designers can do this right now.
Cycling 🚴
Dockless bike-share scheme oBike lands in London
Haven’t tried these out yet, but loving that London is gaining competition in this space. Southampton’s Cycle plan has a bike sharing program - better for someone like oBike to provide - right?  •  Share
Dockless bike-share boom is spurring innovations in airless tyres
Linked to the previous piece: “Solid” tyres are getting a refresh thanks to millions of orders for dockless bike-share bikes. Making cycling a viable transport method means catering for all the problems out on the road. Remove a problem completely, like punctures, you lose a barrier to entry - rock on!
What bike should I get?
One from me! I get asked this question A LOT, so I’ve started putting together my recommendations on one page. More often that not, a mountain bike is not what you need!
Coolness 😎
Bag Snatchers, Monzo, and a night of adventure in London.
I’ve lost my earphones, which is a real bummer considering I’ve got a tonne of user experience audits to do, but so glad I haven’t lost my bag like Tristan.
Read on to find out how he ended up getting everything back (plus a bonus bottle of Jack Daniels). 🍹
side note: My shoulder bag strap snapped this week on a ride to our client Eastleigh Borough Council. Luckily, Rapha have offered to repair - yass!  •  Share
Diversity in Open Source Is Even Worse Than in Tech Overall
The open source world’s diversity problem could actually make the larger tech industry’s entrenched imbalances worse.
Guy Moorhouse on working with Facebook, the changing tech industry and life as a freelancer
I’ve followed the work of Guy for many years, since his time at Airside. Great to get this insight from him.
Here's to designing the sales process!
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