Create best practice ✔︎ #74

Looking back at past issues, I've been sharing links on what some call "best practice." I'm asked wha
Create best practice ✔︎ #74
By Ross Chapman • Issue #74
Looking back at past issues, I’ve been sharing links on what some call “best practice.” I’m asked what “best practice” often in project meetings and I have found myself filter my answers to what would work within the organisation. For example, suggesting agile, iterative design practices have to fit within our existing waterfall project management process. 
Does that hamper the effectiveness of a “best practice.” Not necessarily. You could ignore best practice completely. Gyan Nagpal talked about ignoring best practice: 
“Best practices are useful reference points, but they must come with a warning label : The more you rely on external intelligence, the less you will value an internal idea.
And this is the age of the idea”
― Gyan Nagpal
Copying what others are doing dismisses original thinking and the innovation that can come internally from teams. Don’t miss the opportunity to create best practices too!
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UX design 🙋
Design Thinking vs Design Sprints, what’s the difference?
More and more companies are using Design Sprints to get stuff done, but is this or is this not Design Thinking? See what Jonathan Courtney, Co-Founder of AJ&Smart has to say about it.
Dropbox's John Saito on the role of writing in experience design
John Saito shows how to find your product’s voice and better words to guide users. TL:DR: It’s important to know what your voice is and to document it.
2016 brought some great innovations to user experience – from anticipatory design to personalization. So with the growing advancement of technologies available to more deeply engage with society, where is UX design heading in 2017? 
MUST READ! Raffaela Rein, CEO and Co-Founder of online UX design school, CareerFoundry, predicts bold moves in UX in the coming months. Time-saving design, smarter personalization and metrics measuring life-impact to name few. Enjoy!
eCommerce 💳
Women’s Line
Ugmonk releases a women’s line. The design treatment is wonderful and the whole experience is really paired-down. Also, check out the size guides - they’re awesome!  •  Share
Top 3 E-commerce Metrics For Your Business
In order to set targets and achieve growth, first you must decide what performance metrics to use. Which metrics to use? We Make Websites has three….
Great PMs don't spend their time on solutions
Another Intercom link! A deep understanding of the problem that each project sets out to solve has underscored Intercom’s progress to date. This is how we approach it.
Cycling 🚴
Reiver Bothypacking
Bike-packing goals! Northumberland looks so good for riding and that landscape… seriously interested…
Adventure Syndicate Launch First Women's Ultra Endurance Team
Check out the first ever professional cycling team to specialise entirely in self-supported ultra-distance cycling. 
Love what transcontinental winner Emily Chappell is doing with Lee Craigie, Rickie Cotter and Paula Regener. Watch this space!
Physical separation of cyclists from traffic "crucial" to dropping injury rates, shows U.S. study
So it’s now a fact. How though, do we get the UK to take notice? Carlton Reid recently suggested councils charge a bike tax. Would this work?
Coolness 😎
If Britain is bold after Brexit, we can lead the way in demanding more control over our digital destiny. This is the message from Martha Lane-Fox, who knows a thing or two about technology.
Jason Fried: Make “Creative Destruction” a Regular Part of Your Routine
Complacency and comfort are poison pills for the creative mind.
Erik Spiekermann: No Free Pitches
Erik Spiekermann needs little introduction. The German type God is surprisingly not 100% efficient and explains a lot about his process that creates arguably great work. 
“Retired means that nobody pays me. That’s what retired means.”
Here's to making your own best practice!
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