Conversion begins with conversation 📈 #72

Quoted from the father of web design: Jeffrey Zeldman. I've often strived to balance qualitative and
Conversion begins with conversation 📈 #72
By Ross Chapman • Issue #72
Quoted from the father of web design: Jeffrey Zeldman. I’ve often strived to balance qualitative and quantitative research when designing experiences. Before going straight into optimising for improved conversion, I question what we’re trying to achieve.
Case in point: most sites ask for users to signup for their email newsletter in a popup. They do this because it increases conversion. What they don’t consider is the long-term impact of constantly bombarding users with this same message. 
Think about what people want from you before pushing them towards product. Life-long customers are more valuable than short-term sales.
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UX design 🙋
Empathy is Not a Part Time Job: Part 1
If you’re in a career that involves designing for people, you’ve probably been lectured on the importance of empathy. 
User Research is Overrated
Through working with design sprints, Jonathan Courtney has discovered that up-front user research is a form of product procrastination. Interesting viewpoint!
When is User Experience (UX) and Service Design the same thing?
Ben Holliday says that “the output of what we do as designers becomes valuable when it’s something that shapes or becomes the experience of end-users.” True points!
eCommerce 💳
Shopify Polaris
Shopify have a new design language called Polaris. Shopify say that this helps build a great experience for all of Shopify’s merchants. Let’s see what comes out of it.
Dear Product Roadmap, I’m Breaking Up with You
“What’s your #1 single biggest product management challenge right now?” It’s likely your product roadmap, suggests Heath Umbach.
Designing forms for gender diversity and inclusion
I love it when other people write about what I feel like writing about (but they do it better!). User experience designer Sabrina Fonseca talks about how to design forms for gender diversity THE RIGHT WAY.
Cycling 🚴
Every Cyclist is a Good Cyclist
These portraits were featured in Vulpine’s SS17 magazine, celebrating their fifth birthday. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, drop them a line on [email protected] They’ll be going out in all orders too!
"Delivery issues a thing of the past," says Canyon as 2017 profits surge
After two quarters, Canyon’s year-to-date gross profit has already outperformed 2016 levels by 25%, the firm has said, putting it on track to achieve 2017 revenue forecasts of €200 million.
Around the world in seven years... on a bike
Leigh Timmis left Derby in 2010 to cycle round the world. He returns, several years late.
Coolness 😎
Employee & Team Empowerment through Trust
How can you empower your team? Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares his expertise on creating team empowerment and employee trust.
Why the Best Negotiator in the Country Doesn't Do Anything Unless It's Face to Face
Kenneth Feinberg says the most important thing you can do before stepping into a negotiation is to learn as much about your opponent as possible, so you know what he or she really wants
He also only negotiates in person.
Read Resumes Backwards
Whether you’re embarking on the first engineering hires for your startup, or trying to double the size of your team at a post-series C rocket ship, it pays to learn to spot diamonds in the rough.
Here's to direction before data
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