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Break Stuff to Make Stuff 🔨 #174

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
This issue’s title comes from trying and failing and trying again. I’m coordinating an ambition to help Etch become a great remote-first company. It’s a transition that touches on the most difficult thing to change: Culture.
We’re executing an ambitious plan and while we’ve delivered a lot of change so far, I often find that some elements are harder or impossible.
I’ll give an example: I wanted to try an automation in Microsoft Teams that puts two random colleagues together for a conversation. It works wonderfully in Slack using Donut. For Team’s, they recommend Icebreaker - which isn’t really ready for prime time. However, on a recent podcast episode with Suzanne Charlotte Vos (releasing this week), she spoke about how she makes these random conversations with her colleagues happen.
She phones them.
There’s always another way. Suzanne also mentioned that she finds audio only communication more engaging than video. Telephones did come first!
This week, I plan to create more content than ever. With more attention on the web now and people finding problems with remote working, facilitation and UX design, I think I can help.
Thank you for reading this issue. Stay safe, get motivated and go create change.
thanks, Ross
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Here's to less breaking and then making this week!
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Ross Chapman
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